Uniti Atom best sub £1000 speaker pairing

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Just putting it out there.

I have a Uniti Atom and have it paired with a pair of Revel M16, basically just went with a What Hifi Review due to challenges around Covid and testing speakers out.

However the speaker is a bit hefty and doesn’t suite the room.

Question does anyone know of another sub £1000 speaker combo with Atom, requirements are maybe something a but smaller, or just a better pairing.

Even 2nd hand as picked up the revels with stands for £680.

Welcome some opinions and view.

I use The Bowers Aws 10 inch sub. its more than enough for my den that is 8x6.


Kef LS 50 Meta? It will set you back around 1000,-.

Or the older non-meta model which is (currently still) available for around 600,- .


Agree with litemotiv, I’ve just changed to a set of LS50 Meta’s and for my taste they are superb. For my ears they sounded better than quite a few models above £1000. The Unitiqute 2 seems to drive them perfectly so your Atom will be fine.

All depends on your room size and your personal taste, as some people don’t like the design? I’m sure some other opinions will be thrown in soon. If you don’t mind used, ProAc’s are a good choice or some Neat’s and should be in budget?


Ideally, you want to dial the sub back enough so you don’t “hear” it, as such.

I don’t believe the OP wants a sub as in subwoofer. Rather, they want speakers that cost less than £1,000 - sub £1,000.

The Kef LS50 Meta is certainly getting good reviews and might suit. It’s rear ported and needs some space behind it. The ProAc Tablette 10 can be found used for less than £1,000: I really like them, and they can go very close to the wall. They are very small, only 160mm deep, but need good stands to give their best. Then there is the Neat Motive 3 and the PMC DB1, which is excellent and very reasonable used.


I had an Atom with Tab 10’s and can confirm that it is a delightful combination


I see many have recommended Kef LS 50 Meta, although one thing to note is that they are quite power hungry and would need a powerful amp to get the best out of them.

There are quite a lot of dealers selling Atom + LS50 packages, and there are a number of positive reports about the combination on the Naim forums as well. So i’m not sure this would really apply here.

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Neat speakers and Naim electronics always go well together. The Atom/Iota combination is a tried and tested one (well, I’ve tried, tested and bought one :grinning:). But for a larger room, you might take a look at the Iota Alphas. They’re more than £1k new, but with some searching you might be able to source a used pair under that limit. And there’s at least one ex-demo pair which would only bust your budget a little.




As I said in other threads, this is my fav pair sub 1k I’ve heard

Hhaha sorry wasn’t clear, yes i meant a speaker below £1000.

Thanks for all you recommendations, quite a few to go through, LS50, ProAc, Neat Motive 3, PMC DB1, Iota Alphas. That’s quite a decent list to get started people. Will keep my busy especially no we are in Tier 4.

Reminds me hope everyone is keeping well.

Hi Cardossa, yes i read an article on this on the Darko website. Anymore insight. What kind of sound are these speakers giving out. Are we talking warm vocals, technically accurate or we talking more all rounded.

A slighty tendency to warm, quick sound. Good soundstage. Although, conpared with dynaudio of the same range, little more closed tweeter sound.

Ps.: its all a question of taste, in the end

Your right, i like my Revel M16 but can’t help but wonder if there is something more to my taste out there. I’ve developed a taste for accurate and warm sound over the new enhanced bass which can be fatiguing.

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I picked up a pair of Guru Q10 speakers last week. They sound awesome with my Uniti atom. I can highly recommend them so far.

There were not below £1000, but not too far away at the end. I am just wondering of you can get Guru Juniors (the little brothers of the Q10) for that budget. Must be excellent partners for an atom, too.

Maybe you get a chance to (home) demo those during your consideration …

ProAc Tab 10 Signatures here with my Atom. If you can pick them up 2nd hand might be nearer to your price bracket. They put every other speaker in the £1000-1700 I tried in summer to shame. Can’t recommend them enough.


ProAc Tab 10 Signature here too with my Atom. This is the best I’ve had in a long long time. Really excellent combo for jazz and vocals.

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