Uniti Atom can do the following things?

Hi Im new here and recently bought Atom.
I love it ^^*
one thing that I need to upgrade is power…
Proac D2 is connected.
I feel that Atom power is quite weak to run proac D2 . so I planning to do the following things and want to know it is possible…

  1. Atom + external preamp + external power amp

  2. Atom + external DAC + external preamp+ external power amp
    -> in this case, Atom will be just network player (Source machine)

I really would like to know No.2 is possible… coz one guy said it is possible to connect external Dac … but I cannot find the way


I think you only need a power amp as I pretty sure (others will confirm) that you can use the Atom as a prep amp.

The Uniti Atom doesn’t have a digital output so you would not be able to use it like this. You would be far better trading it in for a dedicated streamer like the ND5xs2 if you wanted to do this.

Others have added Naim power amps such as NAP200 to the Atom and been pleased with the results. Others will tell you to upgrade to a Nova and others will say go separates. Choose the option that suits you and your budget and your happy with.

You cant as others say plug the Atom into a DAC or other preamp as it’s already both of those things.


I would agree with the posts above - either add a power amp to the Atom, or change it for an ND5XS2 and add a more powerful amp. Your option 2 makes nearly all of the Atom redundant, and even if it was possible, I would suggest that if you want a separates system, you should start with a separate source.

It seems to me that although you say you love the Atom, you’ve discovered it does not truly suit your needs. Instead of tacking on “this and that” to the Atom why not trade it in and do something different. For example, a Nait XS2/3 or Supernait 2/3 integrated amp and a ND5XS2 or NDX2 streamer. That should be a better match for your speakers. Or if you want to stay with one box, move up to a Nova.

I have been using my Atom with a Naim NAP200 power amp for some time now and I am very happy with the result. The Atom is an excellent pre-amp and streamer. Probably you can get better, but at much higher prices than what an Atom plus NAP200 will cost you. Of course, the equipment needs to match your loudspeakers, but with my Dynaudio Contour S 3.4 LE it works brilliantly. Try if possible and trust your own ears. :wink:

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