Uniti Atom - Connections etc

Can a Uniti Atom be connected to a preamp or only a power amp?

Also, how does it compare in performance to the DAC-V1?

The Atom only really intended to run with a power amp. If you connected it to a preamp or integrated, the signal would pass through two preamps and volume controls, which would still work, but maybe not optimal.
The V1 is a little more versatile in that you can use it into either.

There’s the “streaming + DAC only” products intended for that case. (ND-something.)
I think none of the new Uniti’s has a “post-DAC/before pre-amp analoge output”.
“Product line differentiation” or “most people would never need it, if it would be integrated”.

Product line differentiation - I just saw your thread on the power-amps; as noted on the forum, the Uniti’s are pretty limited in upgrading towards separates. (Only the power-amp or a sub can be directly attached; you have the various inputs for other sources, of course.)

You are correct, with one exception - the old Uniti had a line out too.

Aha; okay. Thanks. I’ve updated/corrected my post.

So would it be fair to say that the DACs are pretty much equivalent between the two, or would you expect a better analogue signal from the DAC-V1?

I suspect a V1 given a good digital transport would be better than an Atom into the same amp, but I haven’t made a direct comparison, so I couldn’t say for sure.

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