Uniti Atom Dac vs NDX 2 Dac

Hello, Happy New Year Everyone,
I have an Atom connected to a tube amp which is sounding really sweet. Now the amplifier in the Atom isn’t doing much so my question is if I upgrade and get another dac streamer like the NDX2 would I gain anything? Will my ears hear any difference……right now it’s not bad sounding…and if my tube amp dies on me I can always hook the speakers back up to the Atom which is a plus…

The NDX2 is in a completely different league to the Atom. It’s not just about the DAC, as the Atom, good though it is, is a design compromise with so many components squeezed into a small box. Also its signal path is compromised by passing through an additional preamp which you don’t need.
Obviously you need to listen for yourself to see if you think the extra expense is worth it, but I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Hi @Silverfoxvtx1800. I couldn’t work out from your profile whether your amp is an integrated, or just a power amp. If the former, perhaps the PrimaLuna DAC would complement the amp nicely. You’d need something to deliver a stream to the DAC but there’s plenty of options there. If you just have a power amp, the new Naim NSC222 might be worth considering. I’d expect both to be a significant step up from your Atom.


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