Uniti Atom "Deep Sleep"

I have a USB device (1TB of music) connected to my Atom.

When in StandBy mode it gets a little hot (and using more energy). From what I’ve read it’s normal with connected USB devices.

The alternative is to force it into “deep sleep”. I am a new user of Naim products and I would like to know if maintaining usual “deep sleep” procedure can cause any damage to the device.

Thanks and Happy New Year to All

Hi, I have 2 Atoms - one not connected to a USB drive (as expected, stays colder and produces an audible click from deeper standby), and the other - connected to a USB HDD drive and staying a bit warm (but not more than that, and comes back very quietly from server mode standby).
Not sure what USB device you are using but mine is self-powered (from its own PSU, so not drawing from the Atom) and that may (or not) additionally influence the unit temperature at standby?

I don’t believe it will do any harm whatsoever, although for best SQ, you wont want to do that. I have been told that when it comes out of deep sleep, it will rescan the USB drive again, but thats no biggie.

But I also have to ask what a little hot means. The manual says

  • Deep sleep: <0.5W
  • Network Standby (with SD Card and/or USB devices attached): > 15W*.

So in your case, we are talking 15 Watts. At ~£50 a year, this is your choice on Sound Quality against energy use/cost. But 15 Watts isn’t a lot of heat, so just checking that you Atom isn’t running hotter than it should?

Hi and thanks for your reply.
I’m using a Samsung SSD T5 (powered by the Atom).

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Thanks for your reply and explanation.
If it will rescan the USB after deep sleep, maybe the best option is to keep it only in normal standby without the drive and connect the drive only when using it.

There is certainly no harm in using deep sleep mode other than possibly a small loss of sound quality until the unit has warmed up when switched on.

In the past I found that a full rescan of the drive was required after switching to deep sleep mode, but recently I’ve found that the streamer had retained the cached data so that all music was available immediately. Possibly there is a cut-off point after which it is lost, and maybe this has changed in a firmware update, I’m not sure. This small delay may or may not bother you.

If you are prepared to put up with higher power consumption, just leave it in network standby mode as a workaround to both of these issues.

Thanks a lot for your comment and explanation.
The delay after deep sleep mode does not bother me and prefer to wait for the warming up.
My concerns are mainly with the possibility of any harm to the equipment with sucessive deep sleeps and also with the fact that the speakers are always receiving a signal from the Atom in standby mode. That signal is only audible at a very close distance to the speakers but it is permanent in the standby mode.

I wouldn’t worry about it, deep sleep mode means that the whole steamer, DAC, amp and power supply are turned off.
In network standby mode everything is also turned off, unless you have a USB drive attached in which case parts of the unit remain powered up. This could be why you can hear some noise from your speakers in standby mode - remove the USB drive and the sound should stop.

Thanks again for your comment Chris. Much appreciated.

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