Uniti Atom fake wake up from standby

I have been observing for some time - I think since the second to last update of the Naim/Focal App - that my Atom seems to wake up from standby, you can hear the typical clicking of the Relais? when the Atom is switched on. This then happens two times in a row, but nothing really happens, the Power LED/Display remains without reaction.
At the beginning, I thought it always happened when I entered the room where the Atom was. But the other day I heard the click also from a different room.
Have there been any changes in the behaviour with the new app versions, can anyone report the same?
I can only think of my smartphone as the cause. If the app is the cause, then it affects both iOS and Android. I could observe the behaviour with my iPhone until last month, as well as now with my Sony Android phone.

The relays will normally click on when the unit wakes up from sleep mode IF it is not set to server mode and no USB drive is connected. If one of these are set then the unit remains on and no relay clicks will be heard when switching on.

It has nothing to do with motion detection.

If I read you post correctly and the relays click and the display / other buttons on the Atom does not light up then that is not normal.

In that case first thing to do would be to pull the power cord, have a cup of tea, put the power back and wait for the unit to restart and then see if the issue is solved.

Thank you for your answer, especially for the first part. I have often noticed this behaviour, because I often stream from my Synology DiskStation in server mode, and I have also wondered about the missing “click”. That would at least explain it.
But I honestly cannot imagine that there is a major problem with my Atom. Everything works as usual and I usually disconnect the Atom completely from the power supply when I’m out of the house for a few days.
It may also be due to my disk station if the Atom doesn’t really switch to standby mode, as you described.

Something has to be physically connected to the USB of the Atom for this to happen OR when it is set to Server Mode in the app.

If Server Mode is off and you unplug the USB you will also hear some clicks as the unit shuts down internally.

So, I have found out the cause. Once again it can be traced back to my WiFi. After I had already had a (real) problem with the Atom and my WiFi months ago because of another problem (network interruption when band steering was activated, and then deactivated the 5Ghz band, I activated the automatic WiFi channel change at the same time.

And when exactly that happens, my router checks and changes the channel if necessary, according to the logs twice a day, then the WiFi connection is interrupted for a short, hardly noticeable moment and re-established. And the Atom then makes this typical relais clicking noise, as it does when it is switched on. Presumably this reconnect wakes the Atom from its deep sleep for a short moment.

I was able to cause this behaviour by manually changing the WiFi channel. The same behaviour. Also explains why I never noticed this before when I hadn’t set this option in the router.

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