Uniti Atom: feeding line-out through DSP and back into line-in?

Just bought a sub to augment my horn speakers, both driven by the Uniti Atom - that, while fun, led me down a rabbit hole of reading up on room correction, DSP, PEQ, etc. The Atom doesn’t have any DSP facilities and people seem to recommend software correction via Roon. I don’t use Roon, though (not fond of any subscription-type services), so I was pondering e.g. the minidsp 4x2 to use as a DSP/crossover. However, that would require to feed one of the analog outputs of the DSP back into the analog input of the Atom (and the analog out of the Atom would feed the analog in of the DSP). Is that going to work, or are there going to be serious downsides to this?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to route a (digital or analogue) signal out of a Uniti and then back in, so what you are considering can’t be done.

What you could consider is using DSP on the sub, if you are using it with a low level connection, as I would say that there are greater gains to be had, with less overall signal degradation, compared to applying DSP to the full range signal.

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