Uniti Atom Fuse Size


I was thinking about trying a fuse upgrade for my Atom and was wondering if someone could help with the proper fuse size. It looks like it’s a 250mA fuse, but it’s hard to read the markings on the current fuse. It also appears that there are two fuses in the slot next to the IEC, is one of those a spare?

Sorry for the silly questions, I just want to make sure I buy the right thing.



Please do not try to “upgrade” the fuse on any Naim equipment. It’s potentially very dangerous to do so, will nullify any warranty, and may well nullify your insurance should any fire occur as a result of the change. Only ever replace the fuse with the exact same make and type.

The equipment fuse is a vital safety device to protect you should there be any catastrophic failure inside the equipment. If you’ve ever seen what happens when a transformer breaks down and catches fire (with either no fuse or an inadequate fuse to prevent it from happening), you would leave well alone!

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Naim normally provide a spare fuse. The 250 ma rating would be too low imo for a dac/pre and power by a long way. My concern would be your warranty. I would spend the money on a powerline…that would have Naims blessing.

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Thanks Richard. I was attempting to be safe by posting about it here and getting the right advice. So even if I could find the correctly specified fuse (I was interested in the Synergistic Research Orange Quantum Fuse), you don’t recommend the change?

No. Absolutely not. NEVER substitute the supplied fuse with something different. ALWAYS replace with exactly the same type, and if possible, make of fuse.

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