Uniti Atom HE & amp suggestions

While I enjoyed the superb Muso, I passed it along in favour of a two-channel solution for my modest AV setup.

The Uniti Atom HE appeals… might anyone care to recommend a suitable power amp that takes advantage of the XLR outputs?

Speakers are Castle Compact Columns.

Thanks all in advance…

Cyrus stereo 200?
Exposure xm9 monoblocks?
Quad artera stereo?
It really depends on your budget.

There are at least 5 threads for this. @Richard.Dane

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Choose an amp on the basis of its sound quality, not its connection type, except perhaps if you need to locate the amp a long way from the Atom in which case a balanced connection can help.

Indeed, and all can be found by a simple search.

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A HUGE amount can be found on this Forum - and the whole internet - by searching.

I know how to do it… :expressionless:
But it may be something that some people need to learn… :thinking:
Well worth doing, IMO.

None of them gave an adequate response, hence the question…

None of the threads adequately answered my q.

Naim NC Nap250. That would be my first choice to pair with an Atom HE.


How about the new 250?

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Ultimately you have to listen and decide for yourself; there won’t be a definitive answer.
Obviously a Naim amp should be considered. But it’s not compulsory.
What does “adequately” mean? I gave you 3 perfectly suitable amp suggestions in the first response to your question. In which way are none of those 3 amps “adequate”?

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Oh, you misunderstand me, those were all excellent suggestions.

The results from several searches were inadequate….

What amp you choose has very little to do with the Atom HE (e.g. connection if you insist on XLR) and everything to do with your speakers and room. And budget. The HE is not really a limiting factor.

Out of curiosity,
what’s the impact on PRaT, when Atom HE used with Naim Power Amp vs Other manufacturer Power Amp ?
Or there is no impact on PRaT ?

That question is impossible to answer. It depends on the amp of course and then it will also depend on the speakers used with the amp…

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