Uniti Atom HE networked with 272

Apologies if this post is hashing up an old thread but I couldn’t find the exact info I am seeking. I have a 272 in my main system. If I were to add a Uniti Atom HE upstairs for headphone use could I network it (wifi or hardwired) to my 272 and use it as a streamer? That way I could stream 24/192 via qobuz to the dac section in my 272.

I believe so via the app of course.

I get on well with the Naim app, as basic as it is, it does the job! It would be nice to see a more modern version and I think its in Naim’s best interest to update it in order to keep up with the competition.

There doesn’t seem to be any digital outs on the uniti atom he (which negates any advantage to have it located in the main system) but there is an ethernet port:)

I’m not familiar with HE I did however own a 272. Hopefully someone with my knowledge than me might be able to help.

Both should show up in the app,are you able to multi play?

I haven’t purchased the Atom HE yet so no on the multi play. I really like the SQ of my system but I am a little frustrated by the 272’s limitations when it comes to streaming. I am in no way knocking Naim here. The 272 was released long ago. The fact that it still exists in many Naim devotees systems is a great compliment to the folks in Salisbury!

I had the Atom and I could stream from it to the 272. Just make sure you use the 272 as the slave.


Thanks so much for weighing in!

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I have a non-HE Atom in my office and a Muso QB (first generation) in my small office. Using Multiroom, I can stream Qobuz on the Atom and have it play on the Muso. It only goes up to 24/96 but I suspect that’s because the Muso is on WiFi and that if it were wired it would go to 24/192. It’s a doddle to get it going and it works well.


How do you know what the QB is getting? As far as I’m aware with all streamers using Naim multiroom the format/sample rate it only shown for the multiroom server, not the client.

Fair point, my post was unclear. What I meant was that I can use multiroom to get Qobuz from the Atom to my Muso QB1 when the Atom is receiving a 24/96 stream from Qobuz but not with a 24/192 stream.

I have a hazy memory that the Muso downsamples to CD quality anything more than 24/48, but may have misremembered.


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