Uniti Atom hear noise from tweeter

Hello, I just updated the new firmware and change a new speaker to Audiovector QR1, when I check the speaker, I put my ear nearly to the new speaker, I found that ​some noise like sssssssss come from tweeter , when I press the power button or using the APP turn Atom to standby, the sssssssss will stop, but after about 30 seconds, the sssssssss come out again continually, is it a problem of the new firmware or not? It will harmful the tweeter or not? Thanks!

It’s quite normal for a very low level of hiss. It shouldn’t be so obvious though when you’re sat in the usual listening position a few metres away, and should be totally imperceptible if further away. Of course, playing music it should be completely imperceptible. Some speakers and cables can exacerbate it though, particularly if the speaker has a rather tipped up top end around that frequency.

As for the same hiss in standby, I can’t say I’ve ever really noticed. I’ll need to check that out.

Have the same on my Star. Far as I could figure out if the unit stays on you hear the hiss.

So if server mode is on, or a USB device is connected it will stay on and the hiss will be there in standby.

When I turn off sever mode AND plug out the USB I hear the transformer switch off in standby and then there is no sound.

Same on my Atom… but like was posted before… it may be more perceptible with some speakers more than others… but when the music plays… the sound is no longer there

If they are sensitive speakers it will show up Naims signature amplifier hiss a lot more. I noticed this when I had my last set of speakers, the ones before didn’t notice it, as soon as I got the new ones I did. Swapped speakers again in summer and don’t hear it again.

I even get a tiny bit with a supernait 3. Pretty common with Naim. I was a surprised too when I came to the brand. But, it’s not noticeable from my listening position.

Thank you experts for your careful analysis and help.

The test result is Atom turn on the server mode, the hiss sound will appear after 30 seconds in standby (no USB device connect).

When I turn off the server mode, hiss sound disappear (power button will flash for a few times then goto standby, when power on Atom, I heard a tic tac sound in Atom like electronic relay working).

I found the hiss sound due to I changed a new speaker using AMT (air motion tweeter) upto 45kHz, the old speaker upto 20kHz only.

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