Uniti atom loose cable and proximity sensor

Hi Naim community,

I’ve just received my first uniti atom and a pair of acoustic energy 500 speakers and am over the moon. However…a couple of questions as this is my first foray into the Naim uniti line…:

My power socket on the rear of the atom is a little bit wobbly and the power cable comes out very easily and if I move the atom a bit too reposition it can cut power and you get that horrible small crackling noise before you make the connection properly. It’s this normal? Is the power cable and the socket supposed to be loose and have some wobble? All original parts supplied with the unit.

Secondly, the proximity sensor is supposed to wake the atom up when in standby mode, yet it doesn’t, at all. I know that it works because I get the additional detail on the track in listening to when I get close, so it knows I’m there while it’s running. Am I missing a trick here, are the two things related?

Absolutely love it and the sound it produces, but am concerned about the power socket and a little sad that the proximity wake function doesn’t seem to work. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated - have tried factory reset, have checked the connection with the European plug also provided and get the same loose feeling, have tried all options and settings for the sensor.

Thanks to you all in advance!!


Yes, this is a feature of all Naim kit - the IEC input is slightly decoupled from the case and allowed a small amount of movement within the chassis cutout to reduce microphonic effects.

Sorry, can’t help re. the proximity sensor. Maybe try calling Naim support?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the heads up, I thought it may be a feature but wanted to double check on that as I was worried it was me or damaging the unit. Will make sure to let it lie and not play with it.

Will wait for a response from naim re the proximity sensor, but will have to wait till after the weekend for a reply. Was just checking to see if anyone had a similar issue and got it resolved.

Thanks again!

The power socket in the back of the Atom will be a little loose, as with most Naim devices, but there should be a reasonably tight fit between the contacts on the plug and socket. If the plug comes out ‘very easily’ that doesn’t sound right to me. I would contact your dealer about it.

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