Uniti Atom - no sound

Hello, my Atom isn’t producing sound until after I do a factory reset. The app / receiver screen indicate that the track is playing but no sound. Tidal, Bluetooth and internet radio seem to behave the same. Has anyone else experienced this?


Does it work with headphones?

Hi Neil, I put on a track, heard nothing through my speakers, plugged in my headphones with low expectations, and to my surprise there was music. Even more strange is that when I unplugged my headphones the music continued to play through my speakers.

Is this a known issue? Solvable?


There was a similar thread in 2020 started by @ChimoPop

I’m not sure how that ended.

Xref here No sound from my Uniti Atom - #4 by ChimoPop

I wonder whether this is another manifestation of the bad batch of relays…

I have the same problem (mostly).

Tidal, Internet Radio, USB drive front & rear, and Bluetooth are not playing as instructed.
Interestingly, HDMI input does work, so that eliminates the amplification, speakers and speaker cables.

The firmware is up to date, and has been rebooted, and the app has been uninstalled and reinstalled.

All connections are sound and the network is otherwise performing as expected.

Any ideas?


I tried the headphone test, but nothing there either.

Selections from TIDAL register on the app and show that a track is playing, but there is no track progress - it just reads 00.00.

As I write, the 'phones have rather belatedly come to life, and yet, before I have finished this sentence, sound has ceased, and with it track info and album art on the display panel.

Thanks for pointing out the old thread Jack.

Since I plugged in my headphones everything is fine. If it comes back I’ll repeat the fix. If that is too often I’ll bring it to my dealer.

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Any updates on this? I’ve got a Uniti Star and it does the same thing. Works beautifully for a while, and then for no reason, can’t get any sounds from the speakers. Haven’t found a fool proof way to get the speakers back, but inserting headphones momentarily usually does the trick.

(Running latest firmware 3.8.2 )

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