Uniti Atom optical inputs disappear until factory reset

I love the Uniti Atom as a workhorse small system in my shed and was delighted to be able to hook up my old TV and DVD player using the optical inputs. Not used it for a while and discovered that the source was not being detected even though I could see the red light coming down the fibre. Tried the other digital input without any joy so I thought maybe the cable had an issue. Just thought I would try a factory reset on the Atom and mysteriously the digital input working happily. Any thoughts on why the digital inputs might stop working? Not aware of any firmware updates recently.

Do you have them turned on on the app?

Yes - which was why I was puzzled

Did you try a power-down/power-up cycle before the factory reset?
As with any “computer”, a reboot sometimes helps to get things “unstuck”.
I ask, because I frequently read people doing factory resets to fix things - which I never did so far. (But power-down/up is part of my usual procedure, when something is acting up.)

I had done the power down/up cycle as well and it made no difference.

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Just to be clear, the power down required is an unplug from the wall for a couple of minutes, although I suspect that is what you have done

Yes - all powered off and unplugged.

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