Uniti Atom - Playing Music on a USB Stick

I have digital music files on a USB stick.

As far as I can tell, I should be able to play these on the Atom.

But when I plug it in to the USB drive, all three digital inputs say “No Signal”.

I’d look at the manual, except there isn’t one; just a Quick Setup Guide.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi, our guides are now all online, the relevant section for the atom is here https://www.naimaudio.com/product/uniti-atom/support
This might answer your query:
Uniti Atom can play and serve audio files from USB mass storage devices such as USB pen/flash drives and USB hard discs. Browsing of files located on the USB device can only be seen via the Naim app.

Robert, I think that comment is incorrect.

Unlike the older Naim streamers, the only local content searchable and playable via the Naim remote using the front panel on the new streamers is material connected via USB. I have a USB stick in the front USB socket which can be seen if I select USB on the home screen, and it’s contents/folders are accessible under the top Front folder.

It’s also technically incorrect to say these files can only be seen in the Naim app, as if they are being served on the LAN they can be seen by other devices, which may not be what Naim intends but does work.

I think most users would welcome a proper downloadable manual - while an online resource is ok, it’s frankly very cumbersome to use compared to a quickly searchable PDF or paper manual - I have no doubt a lot of work went into the resource but please accept feedback for the future. Many of us actually do like to peruse manuals do glean setup instructions, facts and specs in an accessible linear format rather than jumping back and forth on pages requiring numerous mouse clicks or searches,

I suspect one reason to prefer an online FAQ for Naim might be if firmware changes bring or drop feature changes rendering older manuals inaccurate or incomplete. PDFs could be updated however.


Do you know how the USB stick is formatted, exFAT will not work. Check on a PC/Mac.

FAT32, NTFS and HFS (Mac) should.

I’d then ask what format the files are, and say you’ve purchased and downloaded albums can often be in compressed zip archives which need to be unzipped first.

Also how many files? The devices may take a little while to catalogue 100’s of tracks before they appear.

Check the format (don’t reformat it if wrong type without copying stuff off first or you’ll wipe the daya) and that the stick is still ok/readable on a computer. Decompressing ZIPs if you have to may take longer on the stick itself so if you have backup ZIPs on computer decompress them there and copy over to the USB stick.

I don’t think USB input can be disabled in the Naim app (I can’t anyway).

Oh, and once you’ve checked those things on a computer, power down the Atom before plugging in the USB stick and restarting. No idea if the ports are ‘hot swappable’ but I’m always wary of doing so with USB devices, especially hard drives.

Good luck.

The USB input should show the drive, not the other digital inputs. The drives do need to be formatted correctly as the online support pages explain.
If you enable server mode in the settings, and find the drive in the settings again, you get a better browsing experience.

I think you nailed it! I thought the three was a typo as it only has 2 USB inputs :grinning:

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