Uniti Atom Questions

Hi Ive just got my first naim product, the Uniti Atom just got a few questions if anyone can help.

Can you organise the usb stick in a different way quite hard to explain but all the artists with ‘the’ in the title are coming up under T but on a lot of other hi fi products they don’t so for example the who would come up under W.

Can you re order the display on the front of the atom? I don’t use Spotify so don’t want to see it on there.

Anyone know when Tidal connect is coming as it’s only doing Chromecast.


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Get used to The, it is a little bit annoying.

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Hi Danny
The USB input is what it is, you can’t change the search order. Running a UPnP server with networked storage gives you more versatility, or just listen exclusively to albums by The The.
By the way, are you using the USB input to browse music on a USB drive? You get a better browsing experience by going to the Server input and looking under Local Music. It won’t solve your The… issue though.

On the Naim app you can change the order of the inputs, but on the front panel it’s fixed.

Tidal Connect is in the pipeline, I imagine reasonably soon but I wouldn’t know for sure. I would control it from the Naim app native Tidal input rather than Chromecast.


On a similar vein, I listen to internet radio and would like the artist / song title to appear automatically on the front screen. When I change stations the artist / song appears; also I can use the hand held to show…it would just be nice if it appeared automatically each time the radio station played a new track.

Cheers everyone. Guess these are just all minor details really but they do make a difference. Looks like I’ll have to just delete ‘the’ from the file name so they come up in the order I like

Just checked mine out and all my DB power amp rips are labelled as “band name, the”. It does this automatically so not an issue for me. What are you using to rip?

I do us dB Poweramp too but only in the last year I think so not sure if I’ve actually ripped a The artist yet ha.

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