Uniti Atom - Rebuild Music Database

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After adding a group of new music folders to my SSD Disc (USB attached to the Atom), I’m hesitating to choose the Naim-App option of Rebuild Music Database because I just dont know if that option is going to clear all my previous playlists stored.
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No, it wont.

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You shouldn’t need to use the rebuild database option. Insert the USB drive and the Atom will rescan it and find the added files.

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Thanks for the info.
What’s the purpose of the Rebuild Database ?
If I change some metadata of older files does the Atom also automatically rescan those older files as well ?

In my experience, external USB drives are scanned “from scratch”. You will likely also notice, that it takes a while for the complete content of the stick/SSD to show under server view.
(The simple USB view is available immediately.)

I would guess, this may be helpful on a device with internal drives (it’s only the Core, currently?), maybe the Star with an attached drive it rips to, or maybe when using a UPnP server where the Atom does not recognize changes and/or gets our of sync with meta data or cached covers.
With USB-drive, I’d only use it, when you recognize something is missing or wrong.

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On the Core you only use it when something has gone wrong. In beta testing I have used it a couple of times but I have never needed it in general use on production Core firmware. It’s just to be seen as a sort of reset I think. No more, no less.


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