Uniti atom remote

New to the forum and just trialling an atom and aria 926/906…got a couple of queries that I can’t find answers to and hoping those on here can help :slightly_smiling_face:

The atom remote…is it normal that it it has a loud plastic sounding rattle? This is of course audible when it’s shook but also each time I pick it up and tilt it vertically, and nope it’s not the batteries, it’s something in the upper part of the remote.

Although naim recommend 906 and 926 with the atom, neither sound as I’d want them to, 906 of course lacks the low end but I love the general vibrancy of the high end, the 926 high end vibrancy isn’t so much disguised by the bass, more that it’s not there at all. I’m still warming them up but at about 60 hours so far and still lacking transparency, I figured the low end would need running in to get the best out of it but the high end? Is this just the sound of this speaker or could it indicate it isn’t working properly, any easy way to test drivers/tweeter?

Lastly as I’ve neighbours I’m not able to push the volume, is there a simple way of verifying the atom is a capable match for my 926s?

Thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:


Re Focal Aria, Naim just post those recommendations because Focal are a partner company. You are free to partner the Atom with anything you wish. There’s certainly some focal fans on the forum. But probably the vast majority use other speakers with the Atom. Getting a dealer to recommend some options to try would be a starting point.

Thanks, I did try a few others at local dealer, liked ATC SCM40 passives but out of my price range, I trialled monitor audio silvers, didn’t sound great in my room, b&w 702 S2, didn’t enjoy the sound with those either. Switched things around a few times and liked the 926, didn’t know they were a partner of Naim until I’d demo-ed them at the dealer, enjoyed them and ordered for home trial. Those at dealer were of course run in well so wondering if that’s all mine need / they don’t work in my room / there’s issues with them.

Speakers do need time to bed so I wouldn’t read too much into it/

Well the Atom will also take time. About 2-3 months. If my Uniti Qute 2 was any indication, the first 4 weeks will show a massive change in performance and presentation.

Oh, I didnt realise the atom may also be a factor, ugh, figured as the 906s sounded ok it must be an issue with the 926s.

I’m at the tail end of a home trial, couple of days left, looking like they’ll need to go back as neither sound great and, now that I know the atom remote is also an issue, that’s one more reason not to keep. First atom had to go back as wouldn’t turn on. Other niggles as well, naim app displays ‘not playing’ instead of ‘now playing’…little stuff but takes the shine off the purchase and makes me question the spend

No harm no foul. That’s what a home demo is for. Even if those issues hadn’t existed, no guarantee it would sound good in any given room.

Be upfront with the dealer and see if he can suggest alternatives that work for you. The Naim forum isn’t just for Naim users, so do stick around.

True… was one of those combos I’d wanted for a while but yep, if it’s not right it’s not right.

Thanks a lot for your help today! :slightly_smiling_face:

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