Uniti Atom Restarting

Hi everyone,

I have an intermittent issue with my uniti Atom, it seems to restart by itself occasionally whilst listening to music. As in, it does a full restart and reboots, not just going into standby. Is anyone else having this issue, are there any fixes?

It doesn’t happen very frequently, it doesn’t seem to matter which audio source I’m using, and it just does it, by itself, at random points. Needless to say it’s a bit frustrating considering the price of it. Any ideas what might be causing it?

I’ve tried factory reset, updates, everything I could think of. Perhaps my HDD, plugged in via USB, has too many tracks on it? The weird thing is that it will play fine for days, then just do it halfway through a track.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jakejacka.

How old is your Atom?

Hi Popeye,

It’s only about 6 months old.

In which case I would have a word with your dealer and get it changed. :+1:t2:

Do you trie back side USB input?

Would there be any other pattern to when it happens?
Volume of music played, time of day, … ? - Just for interest. Contacting the dealer sounds like a good advice. (My Atom does not do something like this in 2 years now; could be an issue with power supply or getting to warm or whatnot… i.e. also a HW issue.)

Have you contacted Naim tech support yet? If not, I would recommend you do so.

Looking increasingly like that’s my next port of call. Cheers

Nope, nothing discernable at all. As others have suggested, probably time to talk to naim directly, although I am worried that because it’s so intermittent no fault will be recognised.

Yeah, doesn’t seem to matter which. Thanks though

Also consider applying to join the beta test team, where corner cases with firmware are actively sought out by the developers hunting bugs to fix… it’s a fun group, you get to see behind the curtain how complex some of these interactions really are, and you know that the deep experts are on the task especially if they figure out how to duplicate your issue.

Regards alan

Do you have a HDMI plugged in. I’ve noticed funny response to signals from the TV, unplug it and try again without.

Just FYI for anyone who might come across this thread I discovered what the issue was. It would appear that using an old tablet like a Nexus as the controller for the app does something odd between the device and the amp. I’ve stopped trying to use the tablet and the issue appears to have disappeared. Keep on trucking people.

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