Uniti Atom stops streaming radio

Every couple of hours the radio stops playing. I can connect again and it starts playing immediatly. Sometimes several times per hour. I’m using CAT 6a and CAT 7 cables beween router and Naim. No problems with my internet connecties and is happens with all radiostations. Any ideas?

No idea why it does it but I would suggest you unplug it, leave it unplugged for a few minutes then plug it back in again. This might clear the glitch causing the problem. If it doesn’t then try rebooting the router and Atom again, letting the router fully reboot and stabilise before restarting the Atom.

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Thanks for the answer, but that’s what I already tried. But I read this at Naim Support:

  1. If the internet station is located a long way from Uniti Atom itself it’s possible that internet latency is reducing throughout. If failing on wired ethernet connection try wireless, as the buffering is better for iRadio.

I didn’t heard any loss of sound quality using wifi. Tested it with someone else who also didn’t heard any difference.

So I’m gonna try this for a while.

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