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Hi! I tried to connect my new Uniti Atom to two different Harddisks, which worked fine for listening: I could browse through the foulders, tags were shown, covers too. However, I couldn’t use the search function, which makes using a HDD with a huge collection senseles.
Strange thing: when I connect an USB-Stick, everything works fine – search is available. There were not as many files on the Stick, but that shouldn’t make the difference. Any idea what I could do?

Thank you very much! Eike

Hi, the search function in the Naim app can only do a global search of locally attached USB storage. It cannot search network drives, it can only browse them via whatever server you are using.

Thanks for your answer – maybe I didn’t explain my problem correctly. I have a locally attached USB storage, and I want to search for a song / album / composer there. This works with a 16GB pen drive, but not with Harddisks. I could buy a 256GB Pen Drive, but I don’t know if this will help.

OK, if all the drives are attached to the Atom USB ports you should be able to search them. Works for me with a 1TB WD HDD.
Can you access the drives via the Server input rather than the USB input, which should allow you browse the metadata.

Thanks – I tried that, too. I see the “button” for local files in the server section, but it doesn’t show any content.

… okay, this seems to work at random. Now, I can’t even search the pen drive, which worked before.
Maybe I should try to factory reset the complete system? Or can I do something else?

That sounds a bit odd. Have you tried both front and rear USB ports?

I know that it sounds odd … yes, I tried front and rear. The pen drive worked on second try, when I connected it on startup. But the harddisk is still not searchable, even when I connect it before a complete restart. Might this be a problem of too many different files, a mix of formats, or whatever? I just can’t see why it doesn’t work properly in my case …

When you first connect a drive, are you allowing enough time for the Atom to read and index the contents? This takes a little time, especially with a larger library.

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I don’t exactly see at which time it starts indexing the contents – I had the HDD hooked up for quite some time, but no change. Just for my understanding: Under “Server”, where I can browse a connected UPnP-Server, “UPnP - add …” is grey. It seems quite similar when I try to do the same with the USB connection (images attached). Is this just a function that is missing in Uniti Atom, or might this be part of my problem?
Thanks for trying to help!

The Atom does not tell you when indexing is complete, but if I use a USB HDD I can see the light flashing on it. When complete, the light stops flashing. Also, the album/artist/track lists will be incomplete, and you will see it filling up in the Server input as the indexing pregresses.

Yes, that’s what always happens … it seems to index the collection, fillung up the track list, but obviously it doesn’t arrive anywhere, or at least not properly. Thanks for your help! But I fear I have to contact my dealer …

How many tracks on your usb drive. Naim specs are for a maximum of 20,00. If you have exceeded that limit could be why you are having problems.

The complete Music Collection has 17.000 Tracks, but I also tried with a small USB-Stick with only a few tracks - same problem here …

Okay, solved the problem – so if someone should run into the same troubles, here is my solution:
The indexing process seems to stop as soon as it finds characters that are not readable for the Uniti Atom (diacritics, for example). With a bulk rename program, I eliminated all diacritics, German Umlaute etc. Indexing takes quite some time for large librarys, so you should definitely have a Drive with an LED, to see if something happens. After cleaning the file-names, everything works perfect now, even without using the server function.

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