Uniti Atom streaming issues

I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I’m having with my Uniti Atom. It will not play songs from my library (stored on a server) or from Qobuz. It seems to find the songs, they appear on the screen, but I press play and nothing happens. On the other hand, it works fine with the turntable I’ve connected to its analogue input, and plays fine from internet radio.

Any insight would be most appreciated!

Assuming you have all the inputs needed enabled on the app (input settings), and probably restarted everything, I would try logging out of Qobuz and logging back in again (within the Naim app)?

Thanks for the tip. Silly question: how of you log out of Qobuz in the Naim app? I have looked everywhere (on the iPhone Naim/Focal app) and cannot find how to do it.

On Tidal (I don’t use Qobuz) Click on Settings, Input Settings, then Tidal. Within those settings you can log out.
Hopefully it might be the same with Qobuz.
I had a similar issue with Tidal some time ago and logging out and back in cured the issue.

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Yes, similar - hit the Settings top right corner, then Input settings, then Qobuz


Thanks, I was able to log out of Qobuz and then log in again. However, this didn’t solve the problem. Music appears on the Uniti Atom’s screen, but it won’t play.

Sorry this didn’t help, how annoying…

I think a call to your dealer might be the best bet.

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