Uniti Atom with a 250.2

Question. I want to add a 250,2 to my Uniti Atom. Will I need a Hicap?

No, you won’t need a HiCap. Have you heard that combination? You may be disappointed if not. The 250.2 doesn’t garner universal acclaim and has a somewhat different sound signature. The 250DR may be a better match but people have tried that and been underwhelmed too.

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If you do go down this route, you’ll need a custom 2xRCA to XLR cable. The standard cable supplied with the 250 is a DIN4 to XLR cable.

I use mine with an old chrome-bumper 250. It makes a substantial difference but of course it will depend on your speakers somewhat. Your profile says 82/HiCap/250/SBL so I am not sure if your Atom is in another setup? Mine was used with SBL until recently, now ATC SCM11. Both benefitted from the extra control.

As for the various iterations of 250/250.2/250 DR I think you would be best trying to demo but suspect all will probably improve a naked Atom with decent speakers, albeit with slightly different characters. Cost will be a factor of course, and where you are going with the system. A 250DR might not be the best place to spend a big chunk. An old 250 won’t lose much value if you sell it on, but make sure it doesn’t need a service.

As usual there are lots of people who have experience of these combinations if you use the search.

No HiCap needed but you will need a cable to connect the Atom RCA pre-out to the 3 pin xlr socket. Not a balanced cable, must be wired for Naim. Various people supply/make these. (Sorry James posted same time)



Thank you!