Uniti CD player, CD spinning sounds in between tracks

Continuing the discussion from Uniti Star's CD player quality vs. separate CD player:
Recently I noticed an odd behaviour (mainly due to a SW upgrade). When listening to CD’s on my Uniti star, I notice that the player stops and restarts spinning in between tracks. Has anybody noticed this ? As the spinning speed is set quite high this is spoiling my listening enjoyment (the effect is noticable at 7m distance …). Previously I questioned here why the spinning speed is set so high (causing audible noise), now it is even worse, as the disc stops and restarts spinning around the end of a track, making me aware of the spinning noise even more …
In an earlier post it was replied that the spinning speed is set to 10x to allow advanced error correction. However I wonder when this really adds value (compared to the constant hissing sound) and actually is operational, as already the CD allows mostly sufficient error correction at 1X speed.

The Star actually has a CD ROM to support the ripping functionality. It will still read at a high speed and buffer when playing. It is not built as a standard CD player. As far as I am aware.

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