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Happy new year everyone.
During the holiday period I have been tidying and ripping my music collection, but I have found that I still cannot delete a ripped album.
I have upgraded the fw to 2.5.2, but the option to delete still does not appear when I press the 3 white dots at the top when I select an album.
Anyone else found this and resolved it?
Perhaps I need to reload the firmware? Is there a way to reset and start again?
Many thanks.

Is it just one album or does the delete option not appear on any ripped album?

Are you sure this album was ripped and not loaded manually into the downloads folder?

Can you see the album in the downloads or music folders if you navigate there with a PC of similar?

You can reset the Core to factory settings although it will stay with the version of firmware you have there currently. Before doing that though you should try a power off restart of the Core, so put Core in standby with a long push on the front panel button, then take the power off completely, wait ten seconds or so and then turn the power back on and let it start up.

If you want to do a factory reset then turn the power off as above, wait ten seconds and then holding in the power/standby button on the front panel, turn the power back on. Keep holding the button until the light by the front panel USB socket flashes and then let go the button a second or two later and let it start up normally. You will have to setup the Core’s music store and music shares again, but the music won’t be affected.



I had the same problem, or so I thought, and received the same helpful response from David. Turns out the delete option was there all along, both for ripped and downloaded albums. All I had to do to see it and select it was to scroll down the options further on my smartphone (I’m using a Samsung Galaxy J3). On a downloaded album there are fewer choices in the menu, so it appears down the list and in view. On a ripped album there are more choices, so the delete option was lurking below the fold, but as there was no scroll bar showing I had not realised this until my clumsy fingers accidentally scrolled the list and the option sprang into view, ready and waiting to do my bidding.

So embarrassing.

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Hi both, yes suitably embarrassed too.
I had download two tracks in hi Res from an album I also owned on cd. So o was trying to delete what I thought was a duplicate, but it was a different download.
Many thanks for all the help. Back to ripping duties.

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