Uniti core and dac v1

I’m using my dac v1 with synology audiostation and a usb connection.
Is there anyone using uniti core and spdif connection? Is the improvement huge?

I have tried both upnp and Spdif. I prefer upnp, you do not need an expensive cable and the spdif loses the artwork for those with a new streamer with screen. To my ears the difference between them is small.

My Unitiserve sounded pretty good over SPDIF, and the Core, with it’s linear PSU, might well sound better this way. If it’s working as intended, I can’t see why artwork isn’t showing on the app, but maybe not on the front panel.

DAC V1 is not a streamer so I can use spdif or usb and I’m asking what is the better sounding

Did you tried usb connection for a comparative listening?

No, sorry, I don’t own a V1. I only used my Unitiserve SPDIF into a Naim streamer out of curiosity.

@Simon-in-Suffolk in your opinion with a naim dac v1 and chord qutest the best partnering in terms of sound quality is uniti core via spdif or a simple macmini via usb or a reader like innuos/melco via usb ?

I have generally found SPDIF interfaces sound preferable to me

A few years ago, I tried Audiostation on my Synology NAS via USB to my old Devialet D200. This lead to a noticeable downgrade in audio quality compared to ethernet connection - however I haven’t tried it into the Naim DAC V1 I now run, and with it’s audiophilleo integrated tech it might perform a bit better. I’m just in the process of working out if a dedicated streamer like an innuos if worth the bother. Please post your findings.

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