Uniti Core: anyone having issues deleting music via the app?

Hi - I have an issue deleting an unknown album that’s in the MQ folder. It’s a rip of a CD I simply don’t like, and the fact it’s ‘unknown’ and I cannot edit it is annoying. I also cannot delete it. That option simply isn’t there. I know it’s in the MQ folder because I mapped the drive and I can see it in there. I’ve also checked my downloads folder just in case and all that music is spik and span. Any ideas?

You have to select and open the album you want to delete, then tap the three dots on the right top of the screen and delete the album is an option near the bottom of the list.

And what about a downloaded album. Can you also delete it independently?

Chag -

You just delete an album in the downloads folder with a PC. It will take a while for the Core to rescan and reflect its deletion.


Hi Liam,

I have a similar problem with one CD rip (there is a separate thread lurking somewhere). Nothing on earth (including Naim Support) can delete it or edit the metadata although it plays OK. It is not an identical issue as I do have the delete option - it just doesn’t work. The PC cannot delete it either.

Naim are aware of the issue and told me it would be addressed in a future update.


I have the same issue with a ripped album that I cannot edit or delete on the Core. I was told that HQ are aware and working on a fix.

ATB. George.

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