Uniti Core as a front end

Can I use a Uniti Core into my DAC and then analogue out to my preamp?

Will the App drive everything OK?

recently just sold my Atom - really wish I hadn’t!

Ive no interest in streaming subscription as I have all my own collection ripped as FLAC.

I like my DAC ( Qutest) and preamp (Schiit Freya) so the Core would seem to fit the gap.
Can anyone see any problems? Anyone using a Core in this manner?
Thank you as always

You can use a Core this way, no problem. And yes you still control it with the Naim app.

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Thank you, good to know.

I use the Core this way in my main Naim system. It’s perfect if you just want to play your own files and also serve them to other devices around the house, and the App works very nicely.

thank you Richard, think Ill press the button!
Can I ask what is recommended wrt HDD for the Core?

When it launched they recommended Seagate Pipeline Video hdd or Samsung EVO 850 ssd, the latter is now replaced by the EVO 870.

I would strongly suggest an SSD. The hard disc runs all the time 24/7 unless you put the Core into Deep Sleep and so it runs hot and isn’t silent. If you use an SSD it’s silent and runs cool.

As Gazza says, Samsung EVO 870 is the way to go.

Another vote for the Samsung EVO 870 I updated my Core to this last year after my original Seagate Pipeline became noisy. The Samsung drive is totally silent in normal use.

The SSD prices have come down considerably in recent years.

I have just been reading this thread. I have an Audiolab 8000 DAC which back in the early 1990s I used with a Roksan DP-1 CD transport. In the light of the advice given above, if I had a Core could I connect this to the Audiolab DAC and stream from local files?

Yes Neil. You will need an Spdif cable between both, or an USB to Spdif converter, if the Audiolab doesn’t have an Spdif output.

Thanks FR - food for thought.

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In case it’s not obvious to everyone who may read this thread, you can use the UnitiCore as a hard disc player or as a Upnp server. And you can use it as both at the same time, delivering different music by each means, if you want to.


So I have ordered one. Would it be worthwhile re ripping all my discs to the Core or just copy across all my FLAC from my external WD HDD - all files were ripped using JRiver…
Many thanks

If JRiver performs proper checks that the ripping was error-free, there is nothing to be gained by ripping them again

You don’t need to re-rip as long as the files are lossless. You can either transfer the files to the Core downloads folder, or you can leave them where they are and give the Core access to the folder on the WD.

Not sure about that, but I hope the Core rips will sound better vs the PC rips you have. Maybe try to transfer only a few albums and rip them with the Core too. Then compare.

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I wouldn’t bother to rip the CDs again, so if it were me I would just import them into the Core and it would put them all in the downloads folder.

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