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I am in the process of backing up my Uniti Core internal HDD to restore onto a new drive. The first occasion I simply did the restore when backup was reported as complete only to find all my CD rips were missing. I then discovered that the backup process had only backed up the ‘DOWNLOADS’ folder from the core to the external disk and not the MUSIC folder. I have tried this on a couple of occasions thinking that the backup may have stopped prematurely, however this appears not to be the case as time the process is reported back complete. (fwiw) Uniti Core has latest firmware update and back up is to SSD. Has anyone else experienced this

I haven’t seen this problem. Have you tried a power off restart of your Core? That usually fixes odd things I find.



Hi - yes usual power off restart. Still no joy :thinking:

I backup from my Mac. I can see everything that gets backed up and I’m not flying blind as I would be if I let the Core deal with it directly.

Interesting- how do you backup to the Mac and keep all of the metadata. Do you back up across the network? Then the approach to restore would be how?

Update - I performed the same backup routine with a different external HDD in place of the SSD. Still the same result - only DOWNLOAD folder backed up!
Not sure how to resolve this - as I am now stumped !!

I should contact Naim support. This is not something I have come across before.

If you wanted to try something else before contacting Naim support, you could try a factory reset of the Core. This occasionally resolves odd and unusual issues.

To do a factory reset, you shut the Core down and unplug the power. Wait half a minute or so, then holding the front panel button in, restore the power. Keep holding the button in until the light by the front panel USB socket flashes, then let the Core finish starting. You will need to redefine the Core’s music store in setup but you may we’ll find it asks you whether you want to use the music store it’s found and you can just say yes.



Yes the Core shows up in the Mac in a file window. Copy paste all the contents from the Music and Download folders to the backup 8tb drive attached to the Mac. If Core hard drive dies I would install a new one, format it, and then copy back the contents of the backup. The Downloads would presumably work fine, the Music folder might need a reindex. If worse came to worse and Music folder wouldn’t work I would copy those contents to the Downloads folder. Yes I would lose some metadata but overall these days the cds that I know will have metadata changes (classical) I load through my Mac into the Downloads folder anyway.

Oh I see, I had considered this option, however felt the time across the network but be too slow. I shall give it another go with total factory reset and see as per @davidhendon . If that fails I shall consider a cloning solution.
I did contact Naim Support, it was a puzzle to them also - I was going to exhaust all local options before returning back to them.

Sadly a lot of experience has left the firm

I went through a similar process a couple of months ago with no issues. In my case i had a 4TB HDD in the core and an external 2TB HDD in a usb drive caddy. I was reaching to full point on my backup drive, so decided that rather than buy another 4TB HDD to replace the nearly full 2TB backup HDD i bought a 4TB SSD to go into the core. So i swapped in the 4TB SSD and restored from my existing 2TB backup drive - it did take about 16 hours since sadly Naim built the Core only with USB2 interfaces and not the faster USB3. But all worked well, did not lose anything. I am then intending to swap in the 4TB HDD into the external HDD caddy soon to become my larger backup drive, just not got around to it yet.

Update - result !!

I did a full factory reset - ran the backup overnight and found the MUSIC folder now backed up alongside DOWNLOAD. I must admit, I didn’t know of the full factory reset, only the ‘3 second powerdown’ so thanks to @davidhendon Many thanks to all for your feedback :+1:

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