Uniti Core cannot display the album art correctly


I found the uniti core cannot display the album cover art correctly, it always fix the aspect ratio to square.

Uniti Core display wrong album cover art aspect ratio

Synology Media Server display normal album cover art aspect ratio

The Core production out a long time ago, anyone know naim will fix this issue in plan?


Had not noticed this issue?
My artwork is square…but so is the CD that it is ripped from …so it looks correct?

Same here…Core display looks normal to me.

I think the form factor for the box containing the CDs isn’t square, which is the OP’s point.

(Not that I know this album!)

Japtimscarlet, the disc rip from core but the artwork is scan it myself.

Yes, the box is not square but synology server is display correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

Naim support replied as below. :pensive:

"Only a very small number of cover art is not square. You are the first person to report this as an issue.

Currently we have no plans to change this. I will report it to our software development team. They may offer a fix at some point in the future. Though it is not possible to give you a time line. "

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