Uniti core cd listing failure

Hi all

I have owned a NAIM Uniti core for about 4 years now and apart from an odd glitch it has performed well. It is attached to a Classic system by NAIM DAC.

I have ripped over 500 CDs, in FLAC, to a Samsung 840 evo SSD and enjoyed it. Until now.

For some reason I can no longer bring up the list of CDs I’ve ripped and it will no longer rip CDs. I can bring up a list of my Playlists and it will play those but when I select the “albums” heading it states “no results”. I can no longer bring up the albums by choosing composers, favourites, newest or other options.

I have searched for software/firmware updates and am at the latest. I deleted the operating app a couple of times and re-downloaded that as well. Nothing has cleared the problems.

Any suggestions as to what I may try next. Or does it sound terminal?

Many thanks

I would first try rebuilding the database from the App. This can take a little while but usually fixes this kind of issue;

The other thing I would try, before the database rebuild if you haven’t done that yet, is to do a power off restart of the Core. So not just turning it off with the front panel button. But unplug it from the mains, wait a minute and then plug it in again. It should restart normally and after a pause the music should appear in the app.

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Thanks David.

Tried your “power off” suggestion and happy to say it worked fine. Fully happy customer again.

I’ll remember this one.

Many thanks.

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