Uniti Core CD metadata not downloading

Hi - When ripping a CD the Core no longer automatically downloads any metadata (album art, title, etc) from the services (Rovi for example.) This has been happening for a couple of months now, perhaps since the last software update but I’m not sure exactly when. I’ve been able to manually add basic album art and title info, but it’s a bit of a bother and I would like to have full metadata, including track info. Is there a fix anyone could recommend (perhaps David) that wouldn’t affect my previously loaded metadata, or is this a known issue? Many thanks, Bob Burgess

Hello Bob

This isn’t a known problem and indeed only yesterday I ripped a CD and all the metadata and art showed up on Rovi as expected.

Have you tried restarting your Core? I suggest you do a full power off restart so you are sure you are restarting everything. If that doesn’t sort the problem out then my next suggestion would be to restart your router and your Core, letting the router fully restart before putting the power back on the Core. I would stop and restart the app at the same time, although I don’t think the app should affect the Core finding metadata when ripping.

If that doesn’t work either, but you are sure your Core’s internet connection is OK, then the last thing to try would be a factory reset of the Core. You do that by taking the power off the Core and turn the power on again while holding in the front panel button. Keep holding it in until the light by the front panel USB socket flashes, after which let go the button. You will need to tell the Core where your music store is (it will probably find it and ask you) and similarly any music shares you have set up.

Good luck!



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PS - The Core internet connection is hardwired & working via the IOS app without issue. Thks again

Thanks David - will do as you suggest. Am I correct in understanding that these steps will not affect the existing Metadata? Best - Bob

Thanks again David - the full power-off restart worked. I should have known better!!
Best - Bob


Good, glad it worked. Even the factory reset wouldn’t have affected the existing metadata.

You can always go one by one to the ripped discs that you had made some changes to and do another metadata lookup, which would probably work now. Even if you do that, you don’t lose the edits you already made - they appear in the custom tab.



Just finished doing that. Thank You!!!

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