Uniti Core doesn’t read the ripped files after factory reset

I performed a factory reset recently for my uniti core as it was unable to import music via the USB ports.

After the factory reset procedures, I discovered a problem that the Core doesn’t read the files that ripped previously but it still reads and plays the files under the download folder. I checked by using my MacBook that the ripped files are still safe in the MQ folder which is located under the Music folder.

How can I retrieve the ‘lost’ ripped music files from the naim app?

Have you re-defined the music store after the factory reset? You do that in the menu option manage music. It should offer you the opportunity to use the old music store. But don’t agree to format it!

After factory reset, I chose to keep the existing contents after configuring the music store. That is why they are still in the SATA drive. The problem is I do not know how to recall the ripped files by using the naim app.

Ok then I suggest that you try one or both of the following.

  1. Delete and then reinstall the Naim app.

  2. you could also rebuild the Core’s music index, which is an option in the settings app in the Core room.

Naim app removed and installed again but doesn’t help.

Would it take long to rebuild the music index?

It depends how many music files you have there. I did mine a few weeks ago and about 660 GB on an SSD took about 15 minutes.

Do you know the music store is properly selected? For example if you rip a couple of CDs, do they get saved or just disappear?

I am wondering whether you have somehow managed to get a second music store on the same hard disc. If you have managed to do that, then selecting the first one as a music share might fix the problem. That is under Manage Music in the app settings too.

I would rebuild the music index. I started mine after a vinyl listening session and it was all done the next time I checked the app.

Tried ripping a couple of cd. Ripping process completed successfully but I do not see the words ‘go to album’ appear at the bottom. That means the tracks were not copied to any music store.

The strangest thing this I only observe the only one music store in the hard drive and up to now I still don’t know where do the rips go and how to retrieve them from the hard drive via the naim app.

the worst situation may be to restore from the back up if there is no other better alternatives.

I would try undefining your music store in the Core setup. Then do a full power off restart of your Core, not just using the front panel button. Then when it has restarted, go into Manage Music and define the Music Store again.

Now I can find the music store and retrieve all the rips and imported tracks but another problem is, I can neither import new rips nor delete any album using the naim app. Besides, the usb input doesn’t work well. The is always no response from both usb inputs.

Is it the problem of the hard drive?

What did you do to change things before posting this last post?

Also I am assuming you understand the difference between music store and music share? I’m very happy to explain why that’s relevant if you would like.

Finally found out that it is the problem of hdd. Everything goes fine now after replacing with a brand new ssd.

Well done finding that! I’m happy for you that it’s all working properly now.

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