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@davidhendon & anyone else who may know the answer.

I have just acquired a new Windows 11 PC, replacing a very old Windows 10 PC.

As the operating systems are very similar I have been able to set everything as my old PC & have only struggled with some minor settings which were not where I expected to find them. However, I am all but there now.

The new OS picked up my Core automatically but, unlike Windows 10, did not show the downloads folder. I got it to show by using the ‘map network drive’ command & entering ’ \the cores IP address\downloads’. The ‘downloads’ bit was vital & took me about half an hour to work out.

The only remaining issue I have is very minor & not particularly important but I would like to know if there is an answer. In Windows 10 the artist folders inside the ‘Downloads’ folder all automatically displayed the album cover art. Those in Windows 11 just show the blank folder icon. Is there any way to get the cover art displayed?

Thank you in advance for any possible solutions although I can easily live with things as they are.

Note - for some reason the cores IP address bit should be prefaced by a double slash as shown when I edit the text, but when I hit ‘save edit’ button it still shows up as a single slash. Computers, eh?

I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Windows 11 to know the answer to this issue, although I may do quite soon as I’m also about to move into a W11 PC.

But anyway this will be a Windows 11 setting rather than a bug or a Core issue. So hopefully someone will tell us the answer soon!

Lots of complaints to be found on Google, apparently they removed the feature :roll_eyes:

Thanks for this.

I had no idea the feature had been removed from Win 11. Seems a very odd thing to do. It doesn’t effect me much but I can see some who would miss it a lot.

I will investigate whether there are any current work arounds. If not, I hope Microsoft see sense & reinstate the feature soon.

Thanks for your reply David. Have you seen the reply from @Suedkiez under your post?

I went windows 11 for the simple reason that I built my PC in 2007, switched the motherboard in 2011 to take advantage of Intels then new i3/5/7 processors & just felt I should get a new machine before mine gave up the ghost.

I over specified my Windows 10 PC in the hope that this would lead to a long & trouble free life, which has proved to be the case. I have similarly over spec’d my new PC hoping to get the same long, trouble free, life.

I use my PC quite a lot, particularly for photography, & would not want to be without it. My laptop, tablet & phone are just not the same.

From what I have found so far, Windows 10 & 11 are pretty similar & I wouldn’t be missing out much, if at all, by continuing with Windows 10.

Yes I did see his reply and I have no doubt that he is right and that is the cause of your issue. The main reason to go for Windows 11 is probably that at some point Windows 10 will go out of support. But whether it’s worth the fag of rolling yours back now is another question.

According to a bit of internet fishing, Microsoft are re-introducing the feature but won’t say when. It has been featured in some developer builds.

The decision to drop the folder thumbnails was probably made by the same genius who thought what a great idea it would be to drop the start menu from Windows 8…

As I said, it doesn’t bother me too much, a very minor annoyance which will hopefully be corrected before too long. I can’t see any reason to revert to Windows 10 (which I believe has several years of support left). My reason for the switch was purely to replace an elderly PC before it let me down at an inconvenient time.

Yes, I also read they are working on reintroducing it. I could have told them from the start that this is were they would end up …
Very strange decision

No doubt all of the people at Microsoft are technically brilliant. However, I do have severe worries/doubts as to the alarming lack of common sense on display at times!

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Till some weeks I was using Windows 7 at home. Went for 10 now. Some features are more complicated, like just power off the pc. But overall I prefer 10.
Why not revert for now to the Windows 10 , to solve the actual issue. And install 11 in some months ?

As I said @frenchrooster this is not a problem for me, just a surprising change for the worse.

I have just spent 2 days transferring 11 years of programs/files & photos to my new PC so I am certainly not going back to Windows 10 for this minor (to me) issue. It looks as if it will be fixed in the next major Windows 11 upgrade, hopefully before the end of the year.

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