Uniti Core: experience with absorbers (IsoAcoustics, B-Fly)?

Hi guys,
Any experience with absorbers under your Core ?
In particular one with HDD inside…

No one ?

What was it you were hoping to achieve?

Impact on HDD vibrations…

If you use an SSD then there are no vibrations.

With an HDD, I suggest you put it in a cupboard somewhere in another room and any noise from the HDD (which runs continuously unless you put the Core into deep sleep) will just get lost.

In any case personally I think you would be wasting your money putting it on absorbers.


Over the years I’ve tried a number of anti vibration devices on my naim gear, almost every one of my efforts has ended with “gave some but took away more” id suggest the Naim engineers have built the device to what they would like you to hear, naturally its your box and your fun so go hard as im sure you have already :upside_down_face:.
Try the appropriate sized springs under it, they seem to give more hifi but at the same time take away some boogie factor.
At the end of the day try not to get caught up in the emperor’s new clothes type of situation as invariably costs and can turns into a rabbit hole.
Id recommend a good rack and be done with it.
Have fun :star_struck:

All my gears are on a Quadraspire QAVM rack…

I have a Quadraspire SV rack. I don’t use Naim gear but I have Quadraspire pucks under nearly all my equipment and they give a noticeable improvement.

I would hesitate to use anything other than Quadraspire pucks with a Quadrspire rack as the effects will be totally unpredictable.

FWIW my experience with almost all isolation products is that they give with one hand and take away with the other.

I have found my old hhd unitiserve sounds best on the top shelf on Finite Elemente pagoda MR with resonators.
Have had it on both my second shelf and third shelf. Along with the floor as a final arbiter.
I strongly believe some care and attention pays dividends instead of just plonking it next to the router in a cupboard. :innocent:

Must of missed that in your profile :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Folks who spend time & money on isolating experiments with Core (& NAS devices), then plonk the router in a cupboard have really got priorities arse about face.
I suspect Naim have spent time looking into HHD and PCB mounting and isolation & home DIY experiments may not do much if anything in a positive way.
But my point is, a router/hub is a wireless transmitter/receiver and as such needs clear space around it to work properly, low floor level and enclosed in boxes is not good.
The router people design antenna systems to maximise performance, some pug ugly spiky things, others integrated internally. The least we can do is give them some space.

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:100: agree. I sometimes wonder why people buy Naim Audio then go on a journey to try and get a valve sound from the boxes.
I shake my head and move forward’s.

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