Uniti core file management

Hi! February in Canada promises to be again a great month for housekeeping so here I am!
I own a Uniti Core and I have found access to my files on my PC at the proper IP adress.
I want to:
1- Manage my files so on my Naim app a given artist does not have more than one icon (Zappa ends up having 4!)
2- I wish to add cover art to all artist or albums that does not. (I told you Feb is a dull month here!)
I can’t seem to get it and find out how. I have tried several things from cut and paste files to one single folder, etc… Nothing works.
Could anyone help please?
Kind Regards,

The only way to edit CD rips on the Core is via the Naim app on iOS or Android.
If you try to break into the folders on a PC you risk breaking the database, which is why Naim don’t make it easy for you.

The editable fields are quite limited, as you may have discovered. Unfortunately that’s the way it is, if you want a more versatile ripper/server the Core is probably not for you.

By the way, this should probably be in the Streaming Audio room. Perhaps @Richard.Dane could oblige.

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Adding to what Chris said, you will find that the Naim app doesn’t allow you to edit everything you want. In that case, the work around is to copy the files from the Music/MQ folder to the Downloads folder and edit the metadata using a metadata editor running on a PC or Mac. You would probably want to delete the original rip so that the album only appears once in the Naim app.

Thank you Chris.

Thank you David. I should add that my issue aint with ripped cd but with files downloaded from music sites therefore the way they name their files may be the origin of the issue here. So I was hoping I could rename them. Thank you.

With downloads you can rename them but you have to use a metadata editor. If you just change the filename, it makes no difference at all because the app is reading the embedded metadata not the filename.

A metadata editing app such as MP3tag is what you need.

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