Uniti Core folder management in case of Naim App trouble

Yesterday Core doesn’t display one cd tracks at all, rip starting but arise bad display ‘rip 1 of 0’, 'rip 2 of 0 and so on. Ripping continues until CD eject, when rip finished no one tracks found in Naim app, only title appears and empty tracks list. In Music folder appears five ‘unknown’ tracks. By Edit Metadata function I added track’s names and then App display right track’s names I typed. But in Music folder track’s name remains ‘unknown’.
There’s a method to change these ‘unknown’ with a right track name ? (in folder artist name/cd title/track name)
One may be to move the content (Artist/Album Title/tracks) to the Downloads folder (the only one that can be edited by the user) rename tracks and delete the CD via App from the original location.
Is this the only method? (the bad is that the album will always remain in the Downloads folder)
There are other possibilities?

As I mentioned in your earlier thread, there is a lot of information in the FAQ section of the forum and I think this posting which @Richard.Dane highlights there probably is the best guide to what you can do even if you aren’t supposed to.

when you insert the CD, ripping starts automatically without being able to choose the metadata database. Is it possible to choose the metabase before starting the ripping?
Because if the Rovi marks as unknown the artist, Core will upload the ripping to the ‘unknown’ folder and it will remain there even after correcting with the Edit Metadata function.

No you can’t choose the metadata provider before ripping, but if the Core doesn’t find the metadata in Rovi then it automatically looks in MusicBrainz and Freedb in that order.

After you have ripped it, even if it is showing as unknown, you can if you want to, go into metadata editing in the app, look up the metadata again and then go to each tab and see the results.

After ripping and editing the meta data in the app, did you remember to save your changes? It’s difficult to understand what you are doing because your descriptions don’t match my experience. As David suggests you really need to work carefully through the support materials. As far as I know, if you move rips from the music folder into the downloads folder you will disrupt the files. The downloads folder is for rips or downloads that from other sources than the Core

You can’t move files from Music/MQ, but you can copy and paste them (and then delete the files from Music/MQ using the app. The Core automatically re-indexes them in their new location (or notes their new deletion).

But as described in the posting I mentioned before above, you can do more or less whatever you like and then instruct the Core to make a new index.

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… and that order cannot be changed, I suppose

Correct. But it doesn’t matter, because the first time it finds metadata anywhere then it will be used.

unfortunately if ‘Rovi’ doesn’t know track’s name or album name Naim App creates the ‘unknown’ folder (or ‘unknown’ tracks), it’s true that I can correct the metadata with the App, by hand o searchingr other provider, but folder’s name (or track’s name ‘phisically’ remains ‘unknown’ for ever and ever, making it difficult to visually identify objects.

Naim App should at least 1) allow the user to choose the order in which metadata servers are searched
2) allow to add a metadata provider chosen by the user (like other apps EAC, Foobar etc. etc.) because Rovi, Music Brainz and Freedb are very poor provider. I ripped 450 cd with ITunes, some album covers were missing or different (at least fifty) but the names (artist, alcum, tracks) were all correct, i.e. the file system structure (Artist/Albums/Tracks) was ‘visible’