Uniti Core: How to delete imported files?

I am running the latest firmware on my Uniti Core.
Today, via the USB post, I loaded a folder/album of FLAC files.
They display and play properly as an album.
I am wondering: can I delete this album?
I do not see an option on the “…” to delete.


You’re only able to delete albums (or manage metadata) for albums that have been created by and managed by the Core itself - that is, they have to be on the “store” drive (as opposed to a “share” drive).

Were the files from your USB copied to the core, or were you playing them from USB?

I used the “import” option in the Naim app to import the files from a USB storage device.

So, it would seem that any ‘imported’ files can never be ‘deleted.’ If that is correct, that is a pretty severe functional limitation.

The Core is missing some functionality compared to the UnitiServe (which it replaced). I run my Core with all of my music on a NAS, and I’m able to add and delete music that is in the share with impunity (the Core picks up the changes within 10s of seconds), but I have to use a PC to add or delete the music.

I’ll have a look at my Core in the weekend and see if I can confirm what you’re experiencing with yours.

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It depends. When you import files into the Core, if it detects that they were ripped by a Naim streamer then they are put in the MQ folder in the Music Store and you can then edit or delete them with the app. If the Core thinks they weren’t ripped by a Naim streamer then they go in the downloads folder when imported into the Core and you can edit/delete those using a PC or Mac as with any downloads you put into the downloads folder directly.



The files were not ripped by a Naim product.
In another thread, I am trying to get access to the Downloads folder. I am going to post the details (about my Windows SMB1 settings) there.
Thank you.

I made a connection via iMac on the same LAN, and am able to delete files from the Downloads folder.

Connection via Windows 10 remains elusive, despite changing a couple of sharing settings to match those of other Core users’ Windows settings.
Have opened a support ticket with Naim.

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