Uniti Core - metadata

Hello - I have just added some high res. files into my Uniti Core. Any idea how can I edit metadata for those. I can not even delete

Kr. Fridrik G

You have to edit or delete downloads with a Mac or PC over your network. You can edit the files in the downloads folder without moving them out first.

To edit them you will probably will need to use a metadata editor like MP3TAG or DBPOWERAMP or Metadatics.

Is it not possible to edit metadata in the Naim app for the Core, Titles, tracks, image art, as per the Naim Serve app for the U-Serve?

No, neither Core nor Unitiserve can edit metadata unless it’s from a CD it ripped. Other files are stored in a separate folder and must be edited by other means.

Ah, yes that’s right. I skipped the part where the file was not ripped.

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