Uniti Core network file has disappeared

I have been using my Naim Uniti Core for three or four years at least and it is usually very reliable. I think this is the first time I’ve lost its file of rips and I don’t know how to restore it. It is normally visible in my iOS app. I can see all my music under Albums or New Music. But now no files are visible. I’m using Windows 10. The file should be there under Network in File Manager. It’s not there. Would appreciate suggestions on what action I can take to restore it.

Hello Janet!

So I think what you are saying is that the Core works properly and you can play music via the Naim app, but you can’t see the Music/MQ and Downloads folders and their contents in file manager in your Windows 10 PC?

Did you try a power recycle of your router, your Core and your PC? If not then turn them all off (and with the Core turn it off at the mains not just using the front panel button), then restart your router and once it has fully restarted turn on the Core and then when that has finished starting up, turn on your PC.

Did that work?



No, I can’t use the app. I can open it and it displays the headers but if I press on Albums or New Music there is no music file listing.
I looked for the music file on the Windows Network and it isn’t there. I’m mystified. Where did it go? Why did it go? I do have all but a few rips backed up to my backup file, so I don’t think I have lost my music entirely. Ive done a reset of all my files.
I guess my question is how does my Uniti Core file show up on my Windows computer? I need to get it to show up on the network, then the app should be able to find it.

But did you try the restarts I suggested? All these things, including the Core, are computers and computers need restarts occasionally to work properly.

If everything is the same after the restarts then I would try reindexing your Core. This doesn’t delete any music but it forces the Core to look again to see what music is there. You do it by going to the Core in the app. Then tap the gearwheel icon, then Other Settings, then near the bottom of the list is Rebuild Music Database. Tap that. I think you have to confirm. Then give it half an hour or so. After the first few minutes you should see some of the music started to be listed in the app.

Incidentally the many music files are stored in folders not other files. So you are looking for the Music folder not the Music file. It will still be where you expect it to be and if you can still access it with your Windows 10 computer then it’s probably not a hard disc fault. Also the PC won’t be keeping its own copy. If you can see it in your PC in the location where it normally is, then that tells you it is in the Core ok.

So do the restarts next and also restart your phone or wherever the Naim app is on as well.

If you mean by restart, pulling the power cords on all involved pieces of gear, yes, I’ve done that. For the last 5 or 6 days, I have hoped for an improbable miracle and the files will reappear, but no such luck. I have done repeated restarts during this period, all with no improvements in results.

Today for the first time, I’m getting a message that the core cannot be found. That’s when it does “finding devices’, “still looking” and then this:

Not 10 minutes ago, I pulled the power cord plug on the Uniti Core so restart didn’t help.

When the app and core were still visible, I could click on Albums or New Music but not see the usual list of all my music albums. This is the display I’ve been looking at for the last week or so. No music files at all. Not one.

As I’ve said, when I go to my Windows desktop computer I can not find the Uniti Core file. I keep thinking the reason I wasn’t seeing the file in the iOS app is because it wasn’t on the Network.

Now I’ve got another problem. The disappearance of the Core.

I’m finding it hard to understand the problem you have because you describe it in terms that don’t make sense to me!

The way it’s supposed to work is that the Core is a Linux computer with storage on its internal hard disc. The music files are stored in folders, not files. And you have folders within folders. Typically you have Music and Download folders at the top level, then below Music there is MQ and below the MQ folder, there are album folders. Within the album folders are the actual music files, one for each track in the album.

Your Core is connected to your router by Ethernet cable. Also connected to your router, either by Ethernet cable or WiFi, is your windows 10 PC. Normally your PC should see the Core on the network (your network is basically your router, things connected by Ethernet and things connected by WiFi).

Your Naim app sits on a tablet (an iPad in your case I guess) or a phone. When the app looks for Naim devices, it sends out discovery messages and the Naim devices, in your case only a Core, replies. The app then asks for information about what music is held in your Core. Some of this information may be cached in your tablet, but each time you go to Albums or New Music or whatever, then this information is updated.

There is no Core Music file that has got itself lost.

So what is happening now is that neither your PC nor the app on your tablet can see the Core at all. You have tried restarting the Core and everything else but the Core is not showing up on your network.

This is most likely to be a problem with the Core or its Ethernet cable. Have you tried unplugging the Ethernet cable from the Core and plugging it in again? Try doing that at both ends. You could also try another socket on your router if there is a spare one.

Is the PC connected by WiFi or Ethernet? If it’s using WiFi and so is your tablet then it’s possibly an issue with your WiFi, but unless you have replaced your router that’s unlikely.

What are the lights next to the Ethernet socket on your Core doing? Are they both lit and are they steady or flashing?

If this was a Core disc failure then I would expect you would still see the Core on your network even if you couldn’t see the music files that are stored in it. So I don’t think it’s a Core hard disc failure. It might be a network interface failure in the Core, but it’s hard to diagnose that from all those miles away.

I don’t know whether you can tell whether your Core is still visible on your network, by which I mean does it have an IP address currently? Your PC should be able to see it even if the Naim app on your phone can’t and even if your PC can’t see the Music/MQ folders from your Core.

And it would also be interesting to know what happens if you try to rip a CD with the Core. Does it rip normally (I know you can’t see what is going on but you should be able to see how long it takes and whether it rips the CD normally).

Anyway I will watch for any reply. But you may need to get help locally (which is why I have written out at the start of this posting how it’s supposed to work.)

Good luck



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I have a Core.

If it were me, I’d want to see if the internal hard drive shows up in settings. On mine it’s designated “Music Downloads” folder, where ripped cd’s end up.

She can’t see settings because the app doesn’t see the Core at all.

OK. I see now that the second picture doesn’t have the settings wheel.

I have finally recovered my music file that had disappeared. It required a major reset of the Uniti Core. I had to do a hard press on the power button and hold it until a light flashed and more. Then I had to pull the power plug and while holding the power button reinsert the power cord. Then I had to configure a new Music Store. And then magically my music files were restored.


That sounds rather like a factory reset, although Naim’s instructions on how to do it are slightly different.

Anyway, I’m glad it all worked out for you. I hope you have a nice Christmas!



I had a lovely Christmas David, thank you. I bought myself an extravagant Christmas gift, a Luxman tube amp and preamp and it sounds so wonderfully musical that I can’t seem to tear myself away from my music system.
A very Happy New Year to you and as always I’m so grateful for your great support :slight_smile:

I’m very glad to hear about it Janet! I wish you a very happy new year and I’m always happy to try and help you.


Hi Quad47. Can I deduce from your username that you listen to Quad ESL 57s? I LOVE my Quad ESL-63s. I sometimes joke that I want to be buried with them.


Recently I sold my last pair of Quads, which were the 57’s. I’ve had several pairs of them and the 63’s as well. Great speakers, as long as they work properly. Who knows they may show up again at some point!

Glad to hear you’ve got your Core and it’s files sorted.

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