Uniti core not ejecting cd

How does one remove a cd stuck in a uniti core



Apart from the information that Richard has pointed you to, usually if you turn the Core off and then unplug the power cable, wait a minute, then plug the power cable in again, the Core will usually eject the CD as it starts up.

Also if you eject manually and the next CD sticks too, then the fix is to do a power off restart of the Core (so pull the power lead out as per the paragraph above).

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Hi Richard!

Thank you so much for the afore info.
I felt it best to ask on the forum as opposed to doing something I was not confident in atempting.

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Thank you David…
Your info is much appreciated!!

Excellent advice. I’ve ended up scratching a number of cds when using a paper clip to eject them from from my Unitiserve.

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