Uniti core not loading cover art #reprisee

Apologies for raising this problem again but I found the previous discussion of this topic hard to follow and, having tried most of the suggestions it contained, I am still having the same problems. The artwork appears after I have downloaded it but disappears after a minute or two. I have 4902 albums in the core. The problem began about 10 cds ago. Can anybody tell me in simply steps how to solve this issue? Thanks very much.

Are you talking about artwork you downloaded and added to the downloads folder or artwork the Core downloaded after ripping a CD?

And when you say it disappeared, what are you looking at it on? A device (phone or tablet) running a version of the Naim app, another app, a laptop looking at the downloads folder?

What firmware version is your Core on?

Firmware is up to date. I am viewing the ripped CDs on an i phone using Naim’s app. The symptoms are exactly as described by previous posters who have had the same issue. Normally, as you know, the artwork is loaded automatically when the cd is ripped.

Strangely enough I had the same issue last night - I went to rip a few discs and had to manually edit the metadata to add some cover art. Once saved I would go onto the next album only to find that the artwork didn’t save at all.

Everything is up to date so I’m going to try a complete power down later of all devices, routers etc. and see whether it persists.


I have tried that remedy without success. Has anybody been able to fix the problem?

Paging @tomvamos

There is an update of the Naim app released today with new Rovi functionality. Maybe check whether that helps before doing anything more drastic?

Yes, it occurred to me that it may be down to Rovi functionality. A good idea to see whether an upcoming app patch fixes the issue.

I should have said that when I look into the ripped CD folders from my laptop, all the artwork is present there where it should be.

Sadly the app update hasn’t helped. I’ve tried adding artwork using my iPad and it’s the same issue. The artwork doesn’t want to stick.

It is very exasperating.

I’ve lost track what the release Core firmware version is? (I’m still on the last beta I tested, some time back but I think that may have been released a few weeks back.)

I’m currently on 2.5.4. which is the current release.

Yes I’m on the last beta of that version. I’ll rip something after lunch and then try and change the artwork.

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Well I ripped a CD I hadn’t ripped before. The Core found the metadata on Rovi and saved the cover image properly. So I edited the metadata to put a different image there that I found from a Google search and that stuck fine.

So basically it’s all working normally for me….

I still have this same problem.
No artwork for some time now. When I then try to add it manually, it apparently works but then promptly disappears.

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Try running a music database rebuild. This was recommended by @nycjim and it worked for me. All fine now.

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Very interesting that it worked Richard. And pleasing too of course. I will now enter that into my mental inventory of Core fixes, that I dig into quite often here in this room!

I wonder what goes wrong with the database in such circumstances.

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This worked for me as well. Thank you very much.

Just running it now and it seems to be working.
Missing artwork now appearing.
Thanks all.

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