Uniti Core- possible to delete an album?

I understand it is possible to edit metadata of an album ripped directly into the Core. Also that you can delete an album held in the Downloads area. But is it possible to delete an album which was ripped directly?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Find the album and touch its cover icon…it should open with cover in top right and then track listing below. In the top right of the screen is a search icon, below that is three white dots…touch them. A whole list of options should appear, half way down is delete album. Press this and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your response Gazza.

As you say, selecting an album which is on the downloads share then touching the three white dots gives a range of options, one of which is delete album. However, if the album selected is not on the downloads share but is one directly ripped by the Core, then in that case these steps do not offer delete album amongst the options. Not for me anyway. Incidentally, for me the album cover does not appear top right but in the centre of the screen on my Samsung Galaxy J3

I was surprised and perplexed when I discovered this was apparently set up so that an album once ripped is with you forever. Shurely shome mishtake? Or am I missing something?

Gazza’s is correct in what he says. The Core firmware offers delete for rips but not for downloads.

Having said that I think there has been an occasionally-sighted bug which means that you can’t delete a rip and I believe Naim will fix this in the next firmware update for the Core. You may find if you do a full power off restart of the Core that the delete option reappears.

The difference in layout is probably because it depends what you are running the Naim app on. The Naim app on my iPhone looks different to my iPad. Basically Naim try hard to make use of the screen space available in an intelligent way.



And for some reason…it take a while to action deletions. Having spent a few days dealing with a download.

Not always! I deleted a rip using the app a few days ago because I decided I could live without that music and it went within a few seconds.


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Exactly so David.

I powered it down, then back up again, after which the delete option was present. Glad to say the delete takes effect immediately as well.

Thank you for that insight.

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