Uniti Core questions

Yes that is how it works. If it finds metadata in Rovi, the Core uses it. If it doesn’t then it goes on to Musicbrainz.

I believe it’s a Rovi change, not something Naim did, but they are aware of the issue.

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Thanks David, good to know.
A Preference setting might be a useful addition, or alternatively just looking up both initially so they are there to select from once the Rip is complete….

Just noticed the Rovi Booklets don’t seem to be working properly via the App…? – all tracks for any given album are simply displaying the Artist name……
I’m guessing this may be related to the artwork issues that we all seem to be currently experiencing…? Don’t know if there’s been API changes or other issues at large with Rovi…?
It’s a shame really that Naim haven’t implemented a more extensive Musicbrainz/Discogs instance within the Core, say using SongKong and their additional Albunack Server….

Not having a great time with the Core at present…Will likely start a separate Topic.
On my second unit shortly after purchase, after a cosmetic issue with the first, and now I’m beginning to suspect there’s some sort of issue with this replacement – occasionally keeps waking itself up from ‘Standby’ whilst streaming (no, I’m not waking it via the Room in the App etc) which also often results in music either stopping or skipping to the next track…and a similar issue seems to be happening whilst I’m actually using the Core for ripping or particularly whilst doing a local USB backup – it’s like a mini ‘reset’ (though it doesn’t lose power, lights stay on etc), but the CD mechanism makes the initial noise like when you turn the Core on, it also disappears from the App for a second, then comes back….and all is normal……
But there’s definitely some sort of internal ‘reset’ occasionally happening……
Just need to start working through some of the potential causes I guess before I start being convinced it’s an internal issue with this second unit………Not a great experience so far! :slightly_frowning_face:

There has been a Rovi change that Naim is working on. I can’t comment on beta testing but I suggest just give them some time. :wink:

On the other hand it does sound like your Core is spontaneously restarting. It shouldn’t do that. I have had a Core more or less from its release and mine has never done that, so far as I can recall. There are some things I could suggest to try, but you might want to give your dealer the problem to fix.

Thank you David.

Yeah, I’m just working my through trying a few variables just now, some obvious and some not, just to see if it’s making any difference to what seems to be happening…(I work as a Network Installer, so I’m 99% sure there’s no network issues at home(!), though of course I remain open to a possibility of sorts…)…My gut feeling is hardware.
I’ll probably start a Post some point in the week and run through things, see if there’s anything that may strike a chord with yourself or other Core users…

The issue I have re ‘Dealer’ is that I am in Australia (and WA, which has never had the most extensive Naim experience shall we say) and to compound matters, if you’re aware or not, but Naim/Focal have just had a huge distribution shake up across all of Australia, so my local dealer is in effect no longer a Naim dealer technically…As I’ve said, I’m already on a replacement unit after the first arrived with a chip on the front edge….I’m just not sure how this is all going to ride re another replacement, which is what I’m starting to feel I want if indeed there is an issue……Anyway, will see how things go….

So just to confirm with the Core (as I’m still quite new to its operation – I was a previous UnitiServe owner however) – If the Core is in ‘Standby’ mode ie just the single power LED lit at the front, and I begin UPnP streaming via the App within one of my streaming Rooms, the Core should Not ‘wake’ from that state (i.e to full on, logo LED lit, CD mechanism makes its initial noise etc) at any point – whether that be 2-3 tracks into an album, or many hours later…? Indeed, in theory could be for weeks and months, providing of course the Core isn’t accessed directly via the its own Room in the App etc……??
And of course, it goes without saying it shouldn’t be skipping tracks when this event occurs (though it doesn’t always do this)

Anybody else’s long term experience re the above is most welcome also…

Thanks, once more, in advance….


Yes you are exactly right. It should be fully awake for a few minutes after start up from cold, then it should go into Network Sleep where the single front panel switch is illuminated and it’s visible in the app. If you go to the Core room in the app, you wake it up fully but if you use upnp from another room then you should see and hear nothing from the Core itself. If you are using an SSD inside, or no internal disc then there is no noise from that of course. If you are using an HDD then it runs all the time 24/7 unless you put the Core into Deep Sleep with a long front panel switch press and in that instance the Core disappears from the app. You have to wake it manually with a long front panel press.

I am aware of the Aus/NZ distributor situation. Good luck is all I can say!

Things I would try would be to take the internal drive out and reinsert it in case you have a bad connection. Ultimately I would also try a different SSD/HDD in case you have a fault in the drive (I know that is very unlikely, but it’s still something I would try). And I would also try a factory reset (which will also mean reselecting your internal drive as Music Store via Manage Music in the Core settings in the app. Similarly try a different mains power lead - I am grasping at straws.

Anyway I hope you find something.

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Cheers David.

Yes, have just about worked my way through that lot today. I started with all the easy and obvious contenders re network and cabling, went to Factory reset, and then started upwards towards hardware……So far, I seem to be mostly getting the same occurrences….

I have a SSD internally (WD Red), which is brand new along with the Core…but was beginning to consider that as a possibility if indeed it was a duff (though I always stress test any hard-drive that I use personally or professionally, using DigiLloyd Tools, before I put them into the field, and this seemed OK……but of course, there’s always the chance….) ….So this morning, I pulled the Caddy and after making some music file duplicates over to another USB drive, I then started the Core back up with no internal drive…and tried playing for a while from the front attached USB drive, effectively ruling out any potential internal drive issues, be they the SSD or the physical connection…….Unfortunately, after a little while, the Core woke up again whilst it was streaming and had been in ‘Standby’….

So, I’m nearing the end of things I can try and beginning to suspect the Core itself may have an internal hardware issue, whether that be power related or another area……

I am just trying one more thing: Since I got the Core, I had it on the end of a dedicated APC UPS (which I was also using a different mains cable direct into the UPS, i.e C13 to C14 connectors) …I always did this with my previous UnitiServe also, for obvious benefits re mains protection as well as battery backup etc……
Although it makes no sense in my head, and a good UPS would actually even out any potential spikes or blips, I just thought I’d try removing the UPS and connecting directly to the wall power socket, using the supplied AU/NZ cable also – who knows, maybe the UPS has developed a fault……I really don’t think it should make any difference, but guess it needs to be ruled out……

Ironically, early this morning, I thought I had solved it by simply changing the patch cable, as the Core didn’t switch itself on for the best part of playing a first album – I was thinking to myself, no surely not, madness (!)……But alas, it eventually happened and I walked into the room to find the Core smiling at me lit up like a Christmas tree……

OK, more soon and probably in a separate post. Apologies to OP if this sidetracked.


Interesting. I don’t think losing a network connection should cause a restart unless perhaps if your Music Store is in a NAS or similar.

But I could imagine that a brown out from a UPS might do. Of course a UPS shouldn’t have brown outs, but lots of things that shouldn’t happen do, as we all know!

Well quite. TBH, it shouldn’t really cause a restart if the Music Store is on a NAS anyway, it’s just a potential dropped network connection….not a power event.

Anyway….I’ve just this morning organised another replacement unit for mine. In the nick of time it seems, as from early next week the remaining current AU/NZ stock will no longer be available to the current dealer….This will be my third, so here’s crossing fingers…and toes…Bit nervy, as if there should be any issue with this new unit (surely slim odds :roll_eyes: ) then I’d be potentially up the creek without a paddle, as I’m being told a Repair would be the only possibility offered….Still, I’ll cross that bridge with Naim direct and be banging on the door at Salisbury if that should come about……

Talking of Music Stores, a Q for you: So I have ripped about 250 CDs worth on this current unit to the internal SSD. Will I be able to simply install this SSD into the new Core and point it at it…or will the new Core reject the ID…? I have USB backup so I guess there’s always the Import option, but would rather avoid and hoping the current SSD can be simply adopted internally……?

Thanks again,

In my experience it’s easy to shift music between shares and stores on the core. If you are able to get a backup to a USB Disk you’ll be able to copy this back to the new (or reinitalised) disk in the core.

It’s not recommended to copy or alter directly on a store, but I’ve found that if IOU need to it’s easily remedied with a database rebuild

Thanks @JonoB

Just to reiterate though, it wouldn’t be a new or reinitialised internal drive, but the very same one from another Core (i.e my current one) …

If you put the SSD in the new Core, it won’t recognise it as an existing Music Store. There may well be ways round that, but the simplest way to make it foolproof is to make a backup of the existing store in your old Core, using the backup option in the Naim app. It doesn’t matter if the Core restarts during that because it’s a differential or incremental backup, so if you restart the backup, it picks up from where it had got to.

Then when you get your new Core, install the SSD, select it as a Music Store, agree to format it and then “Restore” from your backup, again using the option in the Naim app.

The backup and restore operations are quite slow, so if you don’t have a backup already you may not have time for this. There are other things you could do in that case.

Thanks David.

Yeah I get all that. I’ll pop the current SSD into the new Core when I get it and see how it reacts….if it forces me to reformat and no other options, then so be it and I’ll revert to one of my backups (I have one already but am going to do another separate one before returning this unit, just to be sure…!)


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