Uniti Core reset database?

What are the primary reasons for resorting to this? I recently switched from the Cocktail Audio X45 (because its new iPad/MacBook app does not work), and installed the hard drive from it to my new Core. I’d say 80-85% of the music was recognized (although most missing some data, mostly artists’ names).

Would this reset improve my chances of getting more data from the hard drive? In other words, would it make any improvement at all?

It wouldn’t make any difference in your circumstance because when you first put a disc into the Core as a music share or music store (there is a big difference between those), the Core indexes them afresh. So reindexing the database just repeats that process.

Putting a disc full of music from something else into a Core is “unconventional”. I am a bit surprised it works at all! I don’t think you will be able to rip to it, but the metadata is probably just what it is. You could do a lot of editing with a metadata editor and sort it out.

Frankly, I’m surprised, too. But the only alternative I have is to plug in the portable SSD onto which I backed up all my digital music. I’ll do so and see if there’s any difference (which I doubt there will be).

It’s strange. Albums from A to M (REM’s Monster, more precisely), then those with " and numbers in the titles are in the Core. I’m hoping that empty space will fill up as time goes on, but have no idea it even exists. Fortunately, I have from 1/2 to 3/4 of the original files edited with dBpoweramp to add to the Core later on. :neutral_face:

Thanks for your reply.

The correct way to do this is to put a new empty HDD or SSD in the Core. Then set it as the Music Store and then “import” the music from your SSD or wherever, using the import function in the Naim app.

I would keep any internal drive just for Core rips. For anything else, use a USB drive connected to the Core. This is what I do and it works really well.

And define that USB drive as a Music Share using the option in Manage Music in the Naim app…

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I will do exactly that, David. Fortunately, Amazon has a 4TB Samsung 870 EVO at a warehouse nearby, so it will be delivered this afternoon. Thanks again.

Good plan. The 870 EVO is the best value/performance choice right now I believe (which is why I also chose that SSD, albeit 2TB in my case.)

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Success, sort of. The import results (nearly 30,000 files in about 53 hours), were as garbled as I expected them to be, since the Cocktail Audio and Naim don’t play well together. Still, all the music’s there, with lots of unknown artists, etc.

If I create a new Music Store on a USB drive, can I copy (or, preferably, move) files to the new Store and edit the metadata with an editor (I use dBpoweramp)?

If they are in the downloads folder on the Core, then you can edit them in there directly without any need to move or copy them. The Core indexes every change automatically (give it a few minutes).

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