Uniti Core Reset, Reboot, Hibernation


A question for David Henden, and others:

I believe, the above items in the title have been discussed before, but just wondering if they could be compared and contrasted in brief thumbnail responses? For instance:

1). Hibernation: simply pressing start button on the Core to begin a new listening session.
2). Reboot: Pressing start button in for 20 to 25 seconds, then later pressing start button once to complete reboot.
3). Reboot Alt: Disconnect power cord from unit, then reconnect cord while simultaneously holding the power button in. This method is considered complete when the button is held in for about 20 to 30 seconds.
4). Reset Core: My understanding is that all files on the internal hard drive are preserved but certain aspects of the Core are returned to the factory settings. This can be done by using one of the functions in the Naim app.

I guess I’m a little unclear about what is happening behind the
scenes, inside the Core, for the above actions.

Thank you for any responses.


If the Core is wide awake with its lights on:

Network Sleep: A short press of the front panel button puts it into network sleep. The lights go off and some of the circuitry is powered down, but the Core remains discoverable in the app and on the network and can serve streams as usual. It’s working from it’s linear power supply. The hard disc (if it has one), is still running 24/7. A short press wakes it fully up again.

If you just leave a Core alone, it will go to network sleep automatically when the preset time is reached.

Deep Sleep: a long press of the front panel button puts it into deep sleep. Most of it is off. The Core is now running on its SMPS power supply. The hard disc is shut down. A short press wakens it fully again.

Off: You have pulled the mains plug and there is no one home.

Restart: A long press to make it go into deep sleep. Then once it’s done that, a short press to wake it up again.

But if you aren’t sure what mode it’s in because it’s misbehaving, then a power off restart, which means pulling the mains plug or switching off at the mains socket, means you can be sure it’s starting from scratch.

You don’t need to leave it 10 mins or any of that nonsense. 10 seconds off is long enough.

So plug it back in, let it restart and it’s all back working again.

Factory Reset: This doesn’t do anything to data (music) on the hard disc or SSD and doesn’t reset the firmware to what it left the factory with, but it does clear all the internal memory of things best forgotten and resets it as if it had just left the factory with that firmware.

To do a factory reset, you put the Core in deep sleep, pull the mains plug, then holding the front panel button in, plug the mains plug in again. Keep holding the button in until the light by the front panel USB socket flashes, then let go the front panel button and let it finish restarting.

There has been some discussion on the forum that the above doesn’t always work, so doing it twice won’t do any harm if you need to and also sometimes people have reported that you should listen for mechanical noises (relays, CD drive initiating) before letting the button go. I don’t know I haven’t done this often myself.

After a factory reset you have to set the appropriate drive as the music store (which is where the Core saves its own rips) and any shares which you want indexed. The Core will rebuild the index and this takes a while, say half an hour for 1000 albums, or thereabouts.

Is this what you wanted? Others may have things to offer…



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Thanks much David, this is exactly what I wanted!

I now have in one place the relative meaning of performing these particular actions when using and working with the Core now and in the future.

I’ve learned: In “network sleep”, the Core is working from a linear supply. In “deep sleep”, the Core is working from a SMPS supply, and also the hard drive is shut down (a good way to ‘rest‘ a standard hard drive without unplugging). And then, the distinction between the “long press”, and “unplugging“ for restarting the unit. And finally in the “factory reset”, I learned to first put the Core into a deep sleep, then unplug power cord, etc.

Thanks again for the time and effort, I’ll be sure be sure to file this for future reference.


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