Uniti Core Ripping Issues

Have successfully ripped about 75% of my CD collection with few or no ripping errors. The remaining batch (about 100 discs!) either miss tracks or fail completely. Almost all of these play well enough on an older drive so one would think they could be ripped by the core. Tried cleaning the discs, blowing out the ripper, and still no luck. It takes a really LONG time to fail, so you imagine my frustration. Suggestions anyone? Worst case, can I rip using the MAC and get decent results? Cheers.

Unless you have a lot of CDs that are defective, or not proper Red Book standard, the Core should rip them. (If the metadata is missing or incorrect, that’s a different matter and possibly down to an online lookup problem, but it doesn’t sound like that is the problem you’re having?)
Ripping on a Mac with iTunes (now Apple Music) or DBpoweramp will still give good results, and you could either give the Core access to the Mac music folder, or copy the rips to the Core Downloads folder, but you shouldn’t really need to do this having spent £2k on a dedicated ripper! Perhaps it has a fault and needs a service.

Thanks Chris - agree completely. Have so far avoided the hassle of a service request as it seems that it is at least working some of the time. Also, the CDs that fail do so consistently. Still, I take good care of my media and this doesn’t seem quite right. Ripping using another platform is a practical solution, but I was under the impression that iTunes rips were of lower quality. Do you recommend DBpoweramp or another SW?

iTunes generally works fine as long as you set it to rip to a lossless format. If that’s what you have, I would at least try it to see if it can handle your problem CDs.

I found with my UnitiServe (and the Core) there were the occasional discs that wouldn’t rip (around 30 out of 1800). For these I used DBPoweramp on my PC, which gave really good results ripping into FLAC.

One of the discs was sufficiently degraded that I found a replacement on discogs and ripped from that.

If you decide to rip on your Mac, I would recommend to install X Lossless Decoder (XLD). This software checks against the Accuraterip database whether your rips are bitperfect, like EAC and dBpoweramp are doing (http://www.accuraterip.com/). Like EAC, XLD is free (in the sense of libre) software.

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