Uniti Core Ripping Problem

Recently my Uniti Core is unable to download any metadata’s when ripping a CD. This is happening on all CDs. I have tried unplugging the unit and restarting the unit. Nothing works to correct this problem. I have ripped many CDs and stored in a NAS with no problems in the past. The CD records and playback is fine but unable to get metadata Any help is appreciated…

Have you tried deleting a cd that ripped OK recently, then ripping again…some times new cd’s take an age to get their metadata loaded on Rovi etc

I have noticed recently with my UnitiServe that CDs rip OK but don’t have artist, album or track information. I have to go back and add these manually vis n-Serve.

Not sure if this is the same problem the OP has but it is a bit annoying.

Are you sure that the Core is connected to the internet ?

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Exactly same thing happened (and yes, I think it is very strange) to me, twice recently after the app updates, which I appreciate shouldn’t have any affect.
A soft reset cured it instantly both times - but that clearly isn’t working for you.
But yes, I am assuming that @PBenny is correct, that somehow it had become disconnected from the Internet. Even if other devices are still fine a reboot of your router might do the trick.

You are having the same exact problem that I am having. Makes me think that this is a Naim software problem.

Yes my Uniti Core is hardwired to my network and thus the Internet.