Uniti Core Saving new Covers and freezing up so no more covers can be added until database on my Seagate external 8TB drive music store is rebuilt

Uniti Core Saving new Covers and freezing up so no more covers can be added until database on my Seagate external 8TB drive music store is rebuilt. (I never added an internal drive). This is the 3rd time I have had to rebuild the database to make things functional as normal. Once the covers freeze up I can’t edit and add any more via internet cover search or from saved photos. I do have my share data switched on as of an hour ago Incase it helps figure out what’s happening. I did a previous posting but nothing solved the problems from the 4 suggestions, until I rebuilt the database again then back to normal again.
When the function of adding and saving covers is frozen. Everything else works, I can edit metadata and save and still Rip new discs. Just can’t save new covers. When I select the cover from online data base or my photos, I see the cover and hit save. I can also search the cover I added looking in newest folder and I see the photo there. However Evey time I add another photo in a different file and go to look in the newest… every time is save a new cover the previous cover disappears when I look in the newest folder. It all keeps repeating with every new cover saved the previous and previous adds before have disappeared.
I can also disconnected the hard drive once and looked at the files on a computer, and the same thing corresponded on e file observations on the computer. There were no attached covers file data corresponding to all the ones that disappeared on the uniti cores app on my iPad.
On thing I did notice after I did bebuuld the database was that… I was able to add about 20 covers or so when I was in the newest folder. But then I wanted to update many covers in a single file by one artist.
So I went to the Artist file and clicked on the more button I order to see all the albums o wanted to swop out and add new covers.
This is where it froze up again and every time I saved a new cover the previous would disappear, and so on and so on.
So my thought might be that since I have perhaps 80 albums by one artist in a folder for that artist. Could it be that the cores operating system doesn’t allow enough time for my previous saved cover to process and save on my external Seagate drive, and the operating system Allows me to quickly keep save another albums cover and another and another before the Seagate external 8TB drive with about 4+TB used on my store.
Maybe the Seagate isn’t sending a signal back to the Uniti core saying it’s ok to send another to the external drive. And all my quick cover adds jam up on the external Seagate drive because it’s a pretty full drive and there are also about 80 albums in that artists folder?
I not a software guy, but I noticed I was doing ok until I saved a whole bunch of covers from the Artists uniti core folder and searched the artist to get to the artist then clicked on the albums and more to see all in the artists folder. And proceed to quickly select and save many many new covers until I noticed the previous covers I saved had all disappeared except the latest or last cover I saved.
So I thinking I have to things to test

  1. only adding covers from the newest folder
  2. if I add new covers from the artist folder, perhaps wasn’t a few or 5 minutes i between every new cover save by a single artist.
    PS I also did the suggestion from my last post from yesterday, powering off the uniti core unplugged and plugged back it, didn’t do anything to correct the problem of disappearing covers (and as I said if they disappeared on the app on my iPad, I could not find the cover data for that album when I hooked up the drive to my Apple computer and looked at the files. I did see covers attached to others on the computer, but no file if they dissipated on th e Naim app. So nothing is actually attached when they disappeared.
    The only temporary solution I’ve found is to take an entire day to rebuild the store on my Seagate external drive.
    Help any suggestions or theories?

Are you using the latest version of the Naim app? On the IOS version there was a problem that it would take half a minute or more to save a cover to the internal disc and if you intervened in the meantime, the previous save was lost.

This was fixed in the last app update. But when I found the issue in testing, it was not one I had seen before and the Naim team hadn’t either, so it was a regression problem. Maybe your use case is not one that has been fully explored by the developers and it would be worth reporting this to Naim Support to get them aware that there is an issue here.



If you want fun with Core covers, I’ve been talking to Naim Support for a l-o-n-g time about this. Swathes of cover art gone wrong on the app. Note the Morcheeba, which borrows FKA Twigs and does something artful with it; Manics is fairly typical; others just distorted versions of themselves. Even some artist images, nothing to do with the album art, are distorted. Latest rips no art at all but I know a full Factory reset will put the art back on for them, although the older ones stay stubbornly distorted. Yet in Finder I can see all the artwork is absolutely fine.
Up to date apps, exactly same distortion on an iPhone and an iPad. Internal Samsung 8Tb disc about 1/2 full. DC1 connects it to nDac so only network is between Core and app(s). Naim seem to think it may have something to do with the router but resetting that doesn’t help. Haven’t tried a restore from backup - any thoughts?

Oh, and clearing the image cache does nothing. Here’s AC/DC

I’d be inclined to take your Core and your iPhone to a mate’s house and try on his/her broadband. So connect the Core with Ethernet and try a fresh app install on your iPhone/iPad so the app knows nothing about having seen your Core before. How is the artwork now?

Also how big are your added artwork files? The Core/app combo likes them small, I find 1000x1000 is ok.



Hi David, thanks for this. To be fair it’s pretty much what Naim recommended though for obvious reasons I haven’t been able to try it yet (well, in someone’s garden, theoretically!) though if that does fix the problem it will be interesting to see what happens when I get it back home. Image sizes are usually not that big - I assume the coverfront.png that a ripped cd picks up must be acceptable, for example. But thanks again.

Yes certainly if the cover image is loaded via the app, then that should be totally fine.

Stating the obvious, you could let the proposed mate plug your Core into their network and you could talk to it via your phone while you are, as you suggest, in their garden. I think this really would answer the point as to whether it’s either your router or WiFi causing the problem. People complain about the number of times they get told “that’s a network problem”, but it often turns to be the case in the end.



OK, so I deleted the Naim apps on both my iPhone and iPad, took them over to a friend’s house together with my Core, re-downloaded the apps and connected everything up to his (completely differently configured) network - direct to the router. Result - exactly the same artwork is distorted as it is on my network, in the same way. Did a factory reset - no change - the same artwork is distorted in the same way.

The only odd thing is that on my Mac using Finder the artwork all continued to look fine, but using my friend’s PC and Window’s Explorer the distorted artwork was distorted in Explorer.

So either it’s not the network, or both our networks are doing the same thing and causing the same problem - but to the identical artwork? Seems odd. Also he is a network engineer so has a rather more sophisticated set up than I do.

The tale of the new rips with missing artwork (also replicated on the different network) I’ll pick up on the other thread…

Thoughts, as ever, welcome

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