Uniti Core: slow start of the App

After starting the Uniti Core, it takes quite a while till the app on either the iPhone or iPad is ready. At the beginning I only see empty categories and playlists. The problem started quite a while ago as my collection on the Core grew bigger and bigger (there’s some 99’000 files now on the Core’s internal 4TB SSD).

Did anybody encounter the same problem and how did you solve it?

Did you not essentially answer this in the Uniti Core: Capacity thread?

I would need a protocol analyser to confirm, but it sounds as if the Core is populating the app with the albums in your collection each time you load the app. The network load of the metadata itself probably isn’t too bad, but processing the images for each album might be, and the processor on your iPad could be a constraint as well.

One way to confirm would be to partition off part of your collection and see if the app loads faster. It might be that you’re approaching the limits of a single Core, and multiple Cores (or an alternative server solution) might be what you need.

Actually, as far as I have experienced, it might be the Naim itself: When you start the Naim and open the App as soon as the Naim startup has completed, the App doesn’t show any items in the different categories and you can’t start any music via the App. If you open the App not earlier than 5-10 minutes after the Naim’s start, all the items will be there correctly and you will be able to search and start immediately after opening the App.

Are you playing directly from the core, or are you using a streamer to play?

If the latter, are you able to browse the music store via the front menu buttons on your streamer?

It shouldn’t be like that. The Core indexes after any change is made to its music store and you don’t have to do it every time you start the Core or the app, even from completely off.

I suspect that it’s something to do with the total number of files you are operating with. If it were me, I would delete 5000 of the files that in reality I would never listen to.



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